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My first life in Paris

I am aiming at practicing my writing and story-telling abilities I want to get adapted as fast as possible in Paris To reach my goals, I've decided to blog about the process of my integration in /adaptation to Paris and the French culture. I have started to take small notes about places I have been, and things I have been doing in Paris so I turn them into little stories later. Storytelling is an important tool. Most of us have to tell stories to a kid one day, introduce or present ourselves, talk about our business, etc. For me, it would help me immensely with my social life, work, and self-reflection. Through creating a blog I would also create a place where my experiences wont get lost nor forgotten. This would be a way for me to look back at my achievements, and it might also become handy for the next nomad like myself who finds themselves in France... If you are also prune to moving cross countries, my advice to you is to enjoy the moment and learn as much as you can out of it!