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My personal framework to being productive

Being a startup founder for several times, and having worked closely with other startup fouders, I made this personal framework to check on my own daily productivity. I wanted to write about this after meeting so many entrepreneurs and freelancers at the WeWork Co-working Space in Vancouver. I loved how we would check up on each other, and exchange tips. I hope that my framework helps everyone. 1. Plan your work ahead for the next day There has been many mornings when I sat there planning my work for the same day, and these days always ended up being horrible work days. Knowing in advance what to work on is incredibly powerful. I wake up and just execute my tasks, without worrying about what to prioritize, scope, or wonder what's next. Mornings are particularly productive, so I like to jump on them and be in "execute mode". Some self-help journals are based around that same idea, of planning your goals and tasks in advance. 2. Divide tasks into micro-tasks: I try to stick to the smallest scope of action as possible, because it's easy to measure my progess, evalute when I'll be done, and move on to the next task. I aim at 30 minutes per task. If it's more than 45 minutes of work, then I divide it in smaller pieces. I also force myself to stop if I go over that time, because it means there is a problem somewhere, and I need to identify it, and breathe for a second. This helps stay focused and motivated as you see yourself doing progress. My biggest lesson is this: when you execute, you lose all global vision - that's okay. But being a Manager to your team and managing yourself means knowing if you're spending too much time, and identifying what is blocking the process, and finally evaluating how important it is to your plan. 3. Know to NOT work when your mind is not focused The whole point of working for yourself is the freedom it brings. Sitting at your desk when you know you are not efficient is like looking at yourself in the mirror and saying a lie out loud. At the end of the day, you face your own work and your own results. When you are in Food Coma, or when your mind can't think clearly for whatever reason, PLEASE go do something else: take a break, a nap, doing something fun. NO GUILT ! You'll end up being way happyer, and coming back to work way more motivated and focused. It's okay if there are slow days. 4. Do a small 5-10 min meditation Your mind makes hundreds of decisions every day, taking into accounts thousands of variables... What if I told you that meditation acts like a reset button: it kinda clears the clutter and brings tons of clarity. Close your eyes, and do a quick meditation (there is so much content out there to help you do it)

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