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Austin, TX

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Enchanted Rocks near Austin, TX: the best day-trip

A few Austinites will probably quote Hamilton Pool, but I'd prefer to mention Enchanted Rocks. It's an amazing hill of stone that sprawls 640 acres and elevates to nearly 2,000 feet above sea level. Caving, stargazing and birdwatching are activities you can do there. If you're into rock-climbing, there's definitely a few climbing spots waiting for you there! Just try to go on off-hours as weekend afternoons can get incredibly busy.

This is the coolest cafe to go to in Austin, TX

I'd say Spider House. It features an antique, one-of-a-kind decorum. Sit on the outdoor patio, which boasts art installations including garden statues, twinkle lights and swings. Definitely my favorite spot :)

The best kolache in Austin, TX

I was waiting for that question. I discovered Kolaches in Austin and my life changed since then. For the best ones, you should go to Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches which is a family-owned-and-operated kolache bakery. They have unique recipes using local ingredients and fruit that will blow your mind.

Is Austin, TX a good place to settle? My partner and I are looking into moving out of the East Coast.

Sure is, Austin is delightful. Good food and great people. Just bear in mind it gets crazy hot in the summer

What's a cool restaurant in Austin?

My favorite restaurant in Austin, TX is Uchiko. They serve sushis from another world... Haven't tasted better sushis yet (but I haven't been to Japan... so my sushi-game is pretty limited)

The best taco place in Austin, TX

There are so many must-eat tacos in Austin, TX. Check that link to have a comprehensive list of the best locations: https://austin.eater.com/maps/best-tacos-austin-new. In my opinion, the best tacos are the ones from Tacodeli.