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raphaelchabaud Singapore ??

I'm thinking of going to Bali maybe this October. What are your favorite (not too touristy) things/places to do there for 2-3 days?

Hi Raphael! I actually JUST moved here this week. I’m exploring over the next few days and will get back to you! Hoping to get out of the touristy areas myself, so I’ll have some ideas for you :-)

Where in Bali should I stay for a week if I like to snorkel and scuba dive?

Thanks for asking, you can stay in Tulamben, Karangasem, East Bali. Tulamben have an amazing spectacular underwater site for diving and snorkling! It takes about three hour from Kuta or Sanur. You can stay at Mimpi Resort Tulamben, or Matahari Tulamben Resort Dive & Spa.

I'm gonna be in Bali for a week and plan to go to Ubud. What are the best places while there?

- Monkey forest - Balinese barong dance - Tegalalang rice field - Ubud pallace - Nice temple Some plantations are actually great to get around to.

Where in Bali should I stay for a week if I like to snorkel and scuba dive?

In Bali a lot of places things to do, like your question if you are professional diving and snorkeling you should try at Padang bay, Tulamben, Nusa Penida, And Menjangan island

What makes Borobudur Temple in Indonesia unique?

Borobudur Temple is one of the historical tourist mainstays in Indonesia in which it is famously known well in international tourism. There are many international tourists spending the time to visit Borobudur Temple. The popularity of this temple is worldwide. There are some magical enchantments encouraging you to visit there. Borobudur Temple Is the Largest Buddha Temple in the World It has been known that Borobudur Temple is the heritage of Buddhist kingdoms in the past where at the time, Buddha is the most embraced religion in Indonesia. Borobudur Temple is not only crowded of the Buddhists in Indonesia but from the other countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and many more. It also puts a Borobudur Temple to be a religious tour having a special place for Buddhists. The past heritage is stealing one’s heart because it has a special enchantment and greatness being a typical feature of Borobudur Temple so that it is known to be the largest one. The complex of Borobudur Temple is relatively spacious so that it can accommodate more tourists visiting there. Borobudur Temple Belongs to the World’s Heritage UNESCO gave an achievement to Borobudur Temple to be the world’s heritage that must be maintained and regarded in this world. It becomes a distinct pride for Indonesia being the owner of the past heritage and culture like Borobudur Temple. This temple is not directly belonging to the Indonesians but it also owes of the world’s citizen where all people need to keep its presence in the world. Borobudur Temple Has High Art and Historical Values Borobudur Temple was established by King Samaratungga. The early establishment of this temple was full of history where many people participated in a building process. The life values regarding each other embedded in this temple. It becomes a reflection of strong and great state in that time. If it is seen from the art design of reliefs in the complex of Borobudur Temple, it also represents an amazing artwork where this temple was built with volcanic stones cut into square and assembled in such way. Borobudur Temple Is a Beautiful Sunrise Spot for Tourists The beauty of nature in Borobudur Temple looks so great. It makes this temple area become the best spot in enjoying sunset and sunrise in Indonesia. The warmth of sunshine at sunrise and sunset can bring an exotic view where the air in the complex of Borobudur Temple is very fresh and cool. The enchantment of statue in Borobudur Temple becomes a memorable moment to enjoy the special sunrise and sunset view in this complex. This becomes one of the magical enchantments for Borobudur Temple to be a tourist destination. If you visit this temple, try to enjoy those spots for enjoying special nature moments there. Beautiful Spots for Magnificent Views of Borobudur Temple The panorama of natural beauty lying widely can be seen in details if you are in the highest spot of Borobudur Temple. Through this spot, the tourists can see the display of beautiful nature panorama and typical view of Indonesia. The hills and nature of Borobudur Temple complex will be seen brightly and beautifully in this temple. Don’t miss the core if you visit this temple. The tourists will never get disappointed with the offered nature view in Borobudur Temple. For the readers who don’t visit Borobudur Temple, you should visit it sooner to get the new experience. You can get the tour package of B3Adventure offering a tour package of Borobudur Asthrography. It is a right tour to choose for exploring the beauty of historical and natural sides of this temple. It takes you to the top joy of tour and travel in Borobudur Temple. Written by Dukun gunung ****

What items should you bring when you go to the beach?

1. Food, (of course, you don't wanna die starving don't you). Why? Because many virgin beaches in Bali, they don't even have someone who sell food. Or even toilet. You better bring your own. 2. Silk, to be seated on the sand. 3. Sunglass, to protect your eyes! 4. Books, if you love to read, then this is your best time. While listening the ocean making sound, the wind blows your hair. Feels amazing! 5. Drinks, stay hytrated is a must! REMEMBER! Do not left anything (garbage) on the beach! :(

Is Bali that nice?

It is! Bali is amazing.. the view, the vibes, everything is amazing. You can choose where to go, the hot one (beach), or the cozy windy cool one (rice terrace in Ubud). You can find everything in here. The culture is really strong also

What's your favorite country to visit right now?

I love to visit Bali! I go there almost every weekend

Recommandes-tu la montée du Volcan? (En prenant en compte que nous avons deux filles de 10 et 12 ans)?

Oui! Il y en a 2, j'ai fait le Mont Agung, c'est accessible, il y a un effort physique à faire mais à la portée des enfants me semble-t-il. C'est une super expérience

A Ubud ou a Canggu, as-tu entendu parler d’un endroit où faire du Kundalini Yoga?

A Ubud : The Yoga Barn A Canggu: - Samadi - The practice (plus spirituel donc kunda j'imagine) tous deux jamais testés mais connu de nom.

Comment trouver un bon restaurant à Bali ?

Comme la nourriture est vraiment pas chere, personnellement, je vise tous les restaurants qui ont une note > 4 étoiles sur Google Maps. le niveau est haut à Bali, un des meilleur endroit au monde pour manger.

What's your top 3 of nice and trendy restaurants in Ubud? And some hole-in-the-wall type of place?

I have bookmarked these restaurants in Ubud : gaya gelato (glaces italiennes extras aussi à canggu) alchemy Tukies Coconut Shop Titi Batu Ubud Club Taco & Grill Ubud zest ubud batubara

Connais-tu un bel endroit a Ubud pour voir un spectacle de marionnettes articulées?

Non je connais peu Ubud j'y suis allé une fois il y a 8 ans... je suis de meilleur conseil pour canggu / seminiyak / bukkit

Nous envisageons de louer une voiture car nous aimons notre indépendance et 'faire a notre sauce'. Tu en penses quoi? J’ai lu du pour et du contre...

Je prendrais un chauffeur à la journée si vous avez les moyens, plus comfortable et moins fatiguant que de conduire et gérer la voiture là bas.