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What were the 3 things you liked the most during your trip to Bangkok ?

This was our second trip to Bangkok, and we enjoyed it much more than the first. 1. THE FOOD - the best part about visiting Thailand has to be the food. Street food especially! 2. We came across a free art museum which was a pleasant surprise - the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center 3. Thonglor neighborhood - we stayed in this expat neighborhood instead of staying in the Old Town like we did the first time. Thonglor is a super international part of Bangkok with delicious foods, international markets and really awesome bars and restaurants.

What were the 3 things you liked the most during your trip to Bangkok ?

My favorite things in Bangkok were defenitely seeing the beautiful temples (especially Wat Arun and the Grand Palace), enjoying the great food you find on the streets of Bangkok (at a really low price) and enjoying a night out at Khao San Road! :D

What were the 3 things I liked the most during my trip to Bangkok ?

I enjoyed boat ride on the Saan Saeb Canal between the Golden Mountain and the Siam area. Great for a quick transfer between the old and new part of Bangkok. You also get so see local life on the way. I like the street food Bangkok is famous for! And Great shopping at MBK!