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Befriending with a cactus in Salar de Uyuni

I took a 3-day tour to explore Salar de Uyuni and see these amazing Salt Flats. I'd say that the 2nd most impressive landscape to shoot with your camera is la Isla Incahuasi. This island is the remains of a very old volcano and former island that used to sit in the middle of the salar. Incahuasi hosts gigantic cactuses that are houses of viscachas (they look like rabbits). Definitely a must-visit spot!

Laguna Colorada

There is a lot of flamingos in Bolivia and of the world’s six species of flamingo can be found here, the Chilean, Andean and the James’ Flamingo. I'm not sure but I think it's a James flamingo on the photo.

The real danger of the Death Road in Bolivia

The guide who took us there told me there were 50 people dying every year. But I couldn't find any resources online to back it up. I'd trust him though as I've done it (it was my first time biking downhill for more than an hour). I can tell that it was an amazing but scary experience. The adrenaline running in your veins will help you not to think about it. Make sure you pay attention to the road, not the landscape and you will be OK. One of the gals in my group of 10 bikers fell twice during the way down. She was perfectly fine - only a few bruises here and there but nothing serious -, because she paid attention to the road. The mistakes he made coast him only a few bruises because they were related to the rocks or making turns too fast. Long story short: it's dangerous but if you focus, you'll have a blast.

The most impressive landscape due to natural phenomena

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. It's the world's largest salt flat and will leave you speechless. During the rainy season (between January and March), a layer of water sits on the surface and makes it a natural mirror. It reflects the sky. Taking pictures will make you feel like you're stepping on clouds.

My favorite landscape of all time is...

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is fabulous! Every single day you're spending in the park is actually an invitation to meditation and contemplation.

How to get a tourist visa to go to Bolivia?

You can get a visa either at a Bolivian consulate in the US or at the border. Visas cost $160 both at the consulate and the airport. I got mine at the consulate in New York. Definitely bring all the required paperwork with you whether you apply at the consulate or at the airport. Good luck!