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What can't be missed to see in California?

The coastal stretch Big Sur between Carmel-by-the-Sea and San Simeon is a MUST for all West Coast travellers. It's along the Highway No. 1. I recommend that you drive it from North to South as it's easier to stop along the way to take pictures. Also, the Point Lobos State Reserve Park is beautiful to stroll around. You can find hidden gems and gorgeous coves, like China Cove. Look it up but be warned, you want to go there immediately. And if you bring some time and are lucky you can see otters, sea lions and even whales. When you keep driving to the South you might feel like you're driving the Great Ocean Road in Australia (at least that's how I felt). You can find cliffs, waterfalls, sandy beaches and turquoise, crystal clear water, nice little bridges like Bixby Creek Bridge (very photogenic!). Once you arrive in San Simeon make sure you step by the elephant seals and watch the sleepy giants for a while.

I'm going for a 2-week roadtrip in California next summer (can't be more excited!). What would be your top recommendations?

I share with you my 2 weeks roadmap there. I haven't been in Bryce Canyon but I think you should. Take care of distance between stops and make sure you are 2/3 drivers min. There are lot of website also that make for you the best itinerance regarding stops you want in term of time or distance. I can't remember the one I used.

Would you recommend visiting Sacramento?

Sacramento was on my way to San Francisco. I took the Amtrak Train from Salt Lake City, it's a 14h train ride (which is amazing and very comfortable). The only reason I stayed in Sacramento was because it was a lot cheaper to rent a car there and get a Hotel before doing a big trip to Yosemite, King's Canyon and Sequoia National Park. It's a good way to save money because everything is so much more expensive in San Francisco. Rented a big 4wheel drive for 30$/day. And Sacramento is a bit closer to all these National Parks - so it's a good travel hack ! There is not much to see for a tourist in this city so don't stay more than a day there.

How was King's Canyon in California? Do you recommend it?

I strongly recommend King's Canyon! It was one of my favorite National Parks. It's very intimate, not many tourists even in end of May. The hikes are gorgeous and at that time of the year, all the ice and snow is melting so the waterfalls and rivers are just massive ! I did the Mist Falls trail there. It's a fairly long hike, the falls themselves were just OK, but the trail takes you deep into the Mountain Canyon and you get an amazing view of endless mountains and raw forests.