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Hawaii_MountainManMatt We go out to see the land, and the greatness of it echos in our souls, so that we find new geography in us. Connect with others in my pinned stories.
peruvianmountains Peruvian Mountains Adventures & Expeditions offers trekking climbing mountaineering in the Cordillera Blanca Cordillera Huayhuash treks Cusco Peru
Kalem_patagonia Empresa de Turismo Aventura-Montaña y Logística. Puerto Guadal, Región de Aysén. Cel: 973917881 https://www.facebook.com/turismokalempatagonia/ ?
jessehunt I know I can fly!
_louste ?? currently in ?? Co-founder and CMO of FAQtr - the blog that gets you.

I found your page because I'm thinking of going to Puerto Guadal maybe this October.What's your favorite bar or neighborhood to go out for drinks ?

For the moment in Puerto Gadal, Chile, we have in town a home made beer and we are open on thursdays from 7 p.m to 11 p.m and Saturdays from 12 a.m to 3 p.m, it's a nice place and you can eat pizza and food made by the people of the town.

What are the things to do in Puerto Rio Tranquilo?

Puerto Rio Tranquilois close to the border of Argentina and Chile. Get to Chile Chico and then go to Capilla de Marmol. Rent kayaks (I've paid 40,000) to get close to the amazing rock formations.

Where to stay in Pucon, Chile

Hotel Vira Vira is a good place to stay when visiting Pucon. You can enjoy tranquility in the stylish lodge or can set out to daily excursions with one of their experienced tour guides. After coming back from your day out, their gastronomy team will provide you with organic product from the farm.