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Grand Canyon

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Which entrance to the Grand Canyon is really worth it?

Before my bf and I drove to this impressive gorge, we did some research. It was clear to us, the west entrance sounds like pure tourist rip-off. We're not going there. It was also clear quite quickly we had to go to the south rim for sure. Because on this side you can walk the longest part along the canyon or even take the bus. We spent a good half day at the south rim - easyily. When we stepped to the edge for the first time, we both had pure goose bumps. Words cannot describe how impressive and gorgeous it is! Don't skip the south entrance - even if you're coming from Las Vegas. One could do without the east entrance tbh. And for those who have one or two more days can think about visiting the Grand Canyon from the north rim. The gorge looks different again and offers other views.

How hard is it to hike South Rim in Grand Canyon?

The hike is not easy but doable if you're well-prepared. Try to go to the gym a little more often a month before. And pack 3 litres of water per person + snacks, food and one change of clothes per person. You'll be greeted with spectacular views that makes this experience worth it! :)

How hard it is to hike the South Rim in Grand Canyon? Can a moderate hiker do it?

There are a few easy to moderate trails that take up to 4hours. Of course it's a Canyon so everything is pretty steep when going up. The rim to rim trail is a must do but you need to prepare well for it : have the proper equipment and food supply. It's technical but not difficult. I suggest doing it in 2 to 3 days maximu, to take your time and enjoy this crazy experience. I'd be happy to discuss this more so feel free to ask !

This is the best tinerary for the South Rim Trail

- Day 1: Start Bright Angel Trail at 9am: it's a 2-hour hike back and forth. - Day 2: Wake up early so you start South Kaibab at 6am: 2 hours and 15 minutes, - Day 3: Indian Gardens to Bright Angel: 2 hours, - Day 4: Treat yourself with a Black Angus Burg and 2 pints of beer. DO. NOT. HIKE.

Best recommendation for the South Rim Trail

Make sure you take a a lot of protein bars, instant coffee and some oatmeal. Prices down the canyon are insane!

Hiking the South Rim Trail: a few packing tips

When packing for the South Rim Trail, make sure you have: 2 gallons of water, warm clothes for cold nights, a headlamp, a few protein bars.

Some travel tips for visiting Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is incredible but the South Rim, where 90% of people go, is extremely crowded. I recommend doing some hikes to get away from all the tourists. These are my top 3 hikes to get breath taking views with no one around: Ooh Aah Point, Skeleton Point (7km), and Bright Angel trail (it's a long trail but you can go until the suspension bridge or the campground right after). I plan on going to the North Rim next time. There are a few great Natural Parks really close to the North Rim, like the amazing Goblin Valley that noboby knows about... and few other wild stops that make it worth chosing the North Rim in my opinion.