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The one where F.R.I.E.N.D.S drove off a night before exams.

My favorite trip to this date was in the month of Feb 2019. A spontaneous plan with my F.R.I.E.N.D.S to Ajmer and Pushkar, India. This was a trip I particularly loved because it was extremely spontaneous; the six of us took our car, sneaked out of our hostel one night before our exams and drove off to two spectacular towns! If you go there, I recommend La Pizzeria Cafe at Pushkar! A definite sip to their Virgin Mojito. That's my hangover drink after all the nights I have spent at Pushkar. Not to forget the Ana Sagar Lake at Ajmer; cool breeze brushing softly against your cheeks with waters giving the perfect chills.

Taj-ul-Masjid at Bhopal

Taj-ul-masjid: Bhopal’s third female ruler, Shah Jahan Begum, wanted to create the largest mosque in the world, so in 1877 she set about building the Taj-ul-Masjid. Incomplete at the time of her death in 1901, it was finally finished in the 1980s. Fortress-like pink walls surround a 99-sq-metre courtyard and a prayer hall with 27 scalloped ceiling domes and three gleaming eggshell-like domes on top, all overlooked by two towering minarets.

I've been in India for a little over a month with my family. What are the best activities to do with children when visiting Kochi, Kerala, India?

Some things that come to mind that the children may find fun is going on a basket boat from fort kochi to Vyppin island, it is a true big basket and quite safe. Cherai beach on Vyppin island is a great day trip and not as touristy as the beaches further south.

Picturesque as it is in the pictures!

Having traveled around the world, I try to not take for granted the lush, pollution free greenery of Kerala. Being a set 80+ degree temperature year round it is truly a tropical jungle with the benefit of ample water ways, rivers and tantalizing beaches. What a lot of people don't realize is that it is also the seat of tradition and culture and unlike Goa to which it is often compared, truly retains many of its traditional practices going back centuries like the annual snake boat race, Onam harvest festival and many more. This is definitely a state in India to put on your bucket list!

What were the 3 things you liked the most during your trip to Varanasi ?

Religious programs like ganga artis and good vibes Awesome place for foodies You can watch incredible streets that are very beautiful and old

What were the 3 things you liked the most during your trip to India ?

Hello sir, Thank you for providing us service on your site. I love Indian dishes, services and accommodation. Thank you

4 reasons to fall in love with Jaipur

Jaipur is the pink city where you'll experience history, culture and traditions. Needless to say, it attracts every year millions of tourists (Indians themselves and foreigners) There are many places in Jaipur that you should pay a visit to: - Hawa Mahal: this red-sandstoned monument was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799. It's dedicated to women. There they could experience the festivities of the city, sitting by the windows. - Amber, Jaigarh & Nahargarh Fort - Jaipur was one of the safest city in India because many forts have been built in the four corners of town. They are magnificent and are definitely worth a visit. - Jal Mahal- it stands amidst water, you'll see many paintings taking inspiration from this Mahal. Once you see it, you'll understand why ;) - Galtaji Temple - Galtaji Temple, is a sacred temple devoted to Hanuman a god of monkeys... You'll probably see hundreds of monkeys there.

Journey in India: a few tips to keep in mind

1. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. As soon as you step out of the airport, you'll be hit with a stream of taxi drivers, rickshaws and people offering you help. It's definitely surprising, if you're a 'soft' person like me, don't be afraid to say no... Be polite but don't smile to them. They'll take it as a sign that they might sell you something at the end. If you're not firm in your intentions, you might even find them grabbing your bags. 2. Use public transport. Don't be afraid. Even if they are mostly over-packed, trains and buses are the best way to get around any big cities in India. Seems weird but, in the streets, buses and trucks get priority over cars, tuk-tuk, scooters and bikes. The bigger, the better. When you get into these public transports, stay calm. People might push you to get in, don't take it personally. It's just the way they are maximise their personal space. And you should do the same. 3. Get up early to explore the city... and go to bed early. India's a tropical country so afternoons can be unbearable in terms of heat. Hit the roads around 7 or 8 in the morning so you can avoid the office traffic hits and the enjoy a bit of quiet moments. 4. Eat local food. The best part of India is the food. Pick places where you can sit and don't be afraid to walk around with your own bottle of water (just un case). There is no rule as to where you should go or not. Your digestive system will adjust after a few days to the local food but you'll never know which food triggered a little bit of diarrhea now and then. Just don't be scared to try stuff from the streets. I've never have any trouble with Indian Street food but I know some friends who had issues. It really depends on your constitution.

Which is the best time to visit India?

India is a vast country with varying climatic conditions & culture. Timing depends on your interests and destination, but if I were to generalise, its best to visit between October till March. This is winter season with North & West of India being the coldest & Southern states being pleasant. March onwards, its Summers with monsoons starting in June. Summer is ideal to visit the hilly regions of North India as it wouldn't be snowing and the roads will be open for transportation. Avoid hills during monsoons & core winters. Landslides & snow is tricky to handle. Personally I love monsoons as the air is clean and everything around me (nature) is bright. If you are fine with rains, Kerala, Konkan region or North Eastern states are very pretty during this time. Hope this helps Happy travelling!