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marillondb --->ma-ri-yon ?Vancouver, BC

What to do in Nara for 1 day ?

During our 1 day trip to Nara, we did : - Eat Okonomiyaki - Visit Nara park - Kasuga-taisha (MUST DO!!!)

What's the best way to relax in Japan?

After our trip to Tokyo and Kamakura, we went to Hakone to relax. The best way to relax in Japan is to go to Hakone and relax in Hot Springs ! Onsen = Hot Springs in Japanese. We stayed at Hakone Yumoto Onsen Hotel Tenseien to enjoy the Hot Springs.

What to do in a day trip to Kamakura

For a day trip in Kamakura we did : - Eat Soba Noodle - Rent bikes - Visit 2 temples : Hōkoku-ji ( it has a bamboo forest) and Sugimoto-dera

Was it worth buying the Japan Rail Pass

It was not worth bying the Japan Rail Pass for us. It's fairly expensive so be sure to count the number of train rides you will take and compare the prices. For us it was cheaper to by each ticket than the full pass.