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Kerala, India

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travel_lifestyle_101 I believe of an exciting lifestyle rich in diverse travel ?experiences sprinkled with the fairy dust of hope and finding your dreams? .

I've been in India for a little over a month with my family. What are the best activities to do with children when visiting Kochi, Kerala, India?

Some things that come to mind that the children may find fun is going on a basket boat from fort kochi to Vyppin island, it is a true big basket and quite safe. Cherai beach on Vyppin island is a great day trip and not as touristy as the beaches further south.

Picturesque as it is in the pictures!

Having traveled around the world, I try to not take for granted the lush, pollution free greenery of Kerala. Being a set 80+ degree temperature year round it is truly a tropical jungle with the benefit of ample water ways, rivers and tantalizing beaches. What a lot of people don't realize is that it is also the seat of tradition and culture and unlike Goa to which it is often compared, truly retains many of its traditional practices going back centuries like the annual snake boat race, Onam harvest festival and many more. This is definitely a state in India to put on your bucket list!