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I'm thinking of going to London maybe this October. What are your favorite (not too touristy) things/places to do there for 2-3 days?

Hey! There’s so many things to do in London, if your looking for things that are free, you can visit the sky garden, which you have to book a free place online as they don’t let many people in at one time. It’s a indoor garden full of trees and plants at the top of a skyscraper building, you can also get something to eat and drink there. You could take a walk along London’s canals, which is very pretty, with places to eat and shops along the way. You can climb the 02 arena, which gives you a beautiful view of London, you can do a day walk or a night walk, both give you stunning views over London! It’s never that busy as you book slots and it’s definitely worth the view! Lastly, you could take a take a walk through some of London’s street markets. Some are more busy than others, Broadway market is near London’s canals, and has a big variety of stalls and shops! :) I hope this helps, enjoy your trip to London!