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I'm thinking of going to Los Angeles, California USA maybe this October. What are your favorite (not too touristy) things/places to do there for 2-3 days?

I could write paaaages on this. There’s something for everyone here in LA! We’d have to know what kind of things you’re into to give a perfect response, but hopefully our kinda broad yet kinda detailed response gets you the information you’re looking for. - If you want to sightsee, visiting Griffith Observatory is crowded but has stunning panoramic views (so so special at night!). For daytime views (and elegant art), we love The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades! The Villa isn’t that far from Santa Monica Pier, so you could see both in a few hours if you wanted. - If you want art, LACMA is a classic. This museum has a popular streetlight installation that everyone wants a picture of! The museum usually seems big enough that we don’t feel cramped, even with its popularity and many guests. - If you want to stay in the city, walking along Melrose is a trendy thing to do. This street isn’t as popular with tourists as say, Hollywood Boulevard, but it’s still often busy with us locals who enjoy the street art, shops, and cafes/restaurants on the walk! - If you want good food and/or vibrant night life, you’ll easily find it! When in doubt, yelp is your friend. You seriously shouldn’t have a hard time finding a nearby place people rave about! Hope this helped start your ideas for visiting Los Angeles! If you have any more specific questions we can clarify on, we’re happy to hear your details and give fuller answers! So excited to hear what comes of your travels. -Nikka & Cesar

I'm moving to Los Angeles from NYC (I'm so excited about this!). What are the biggest changes I should expect (besides the weather)?

If you're moving from the city in New York to the city in Los Angeles it isn't too big of a difference. I believe NY's transportation is easier to get around. It's a bit cleaner here. If you're a foodie L.A. has food festivals all the time. The cost of living is pricey but may be a tad bit cheaper ( not by much). And traffic is absolutely insane so please prepare to give half of your life away just trying to travel 3 miles down the street lol The weather as you know does get nice. But if it rains no one here knows how to drive so you have to make sure to factor that in on your commute

I found your page because I'm thinking of going to Los Angeles maybe this October. What's your favorite bar or neighborhood to go out for drinks?

I know most people would pick the west side but honestly I really love Silver Lake and Highland Park area. They have better bars and it’s not as saturated yet. Favorite bar would be La Cuevita - they have amazing cocktails. I also really like Highland Park Bowl. It’s a bowling alley but the bar is really great. Has a steampunk feel throughout the place.