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A bit about NYC

Today I learned, that once called "World's best bar" Dead Rabbit in NY was named after an Irish American criminal gang from Lower Manhattan in the 1850s.

Booze Cruise? Yes please!

An evening on the water, with views of 8 NYC bridges and the gorgeous Statue of Liberty <3 If you're a new yorker or in town for a visit, this is worth it! It was a nice evening with an open bar, buffet style food and plenty of room to take pictures or dance the night away! We went on a Thursday and the crowd was great! #Statueofliberty #nightcruise #boozecruise #ladylibery #fun #night #drink #eat #dance #views #boat #nyc

Grand Central Terminal is a marvel

The Grand Central Terminal is a architecture marvel. It can easily compete with some of the greatest beaux-arts buildings you can find in Europe. Look at that!

Walking down the High Line when the sun goes down

This old railway viaduct cuts the west side of Midtown Manhattan. It has been abandoned in 1980 until it was turned into an elevated park. It’s pretty short (a little less than 2 miles) but walking on it at sunset is very pleasing.

Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

This is one of those "must do" things in New York, but remember, everyone else will be there too. Don't expect to get many pictures without other tourists trying to do the same thing. If you want a different perspective, try walking across the Manhattan Bridge, which allows for the same great views, but WITH the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground.

New York City!

If you visit New York, you have to go "up" to get a real sense of how big the city is. Our most recent trip, we decided to visit the viewing platform at the Empire State Building.

I found your page because I'm thinking of going to New York City maybe this October. What's your favorite bar or neighborhood to go out for drinks?

October is a great time to go to NYC! You’ll love the weather! Our favorite area to go out in was always lower easy side and east village. You’ll find a huge variety of great restaurants like ABC kitchen and awesome bars that range from super casual like Ace Bar as well as fancier cocktail bars like Nitecap (sooo good) enjoy your trip!

What were the 3 things you liked the most during your trip to New York ?

Harlem, Empire state building and the museum of natural history

My best 3-day itinerary in NYC

With so much to do in NYC, you can definitely waste a few hours if you don't plan well. - Day 1: The first day is a good time to spend in Midtown. Explore Rockefeller Plaza (head to the Top of the Rock for a great view of the city) and make sure you can stop by TKTS Discount Booths and pick up day-of tickets (or book in advance) to see a Broadway show. From Times Square you can wander through Bryant Park and go to Grand Central Terminal (the Terminal is beautiful). After the Boradway show, check out the Empire State Building at night. Elevators go up to the top until 1 a.m, great time to see NYC shining. - Day 2: head to Downtown. In the morning (after rush hour), grab a round trip on the Staten Island Ferry (it's free!) where you'll see the Statue of Liberty. And then go to the Brooklyn Bridge. You can then grab some lunch in Chinatown (so cheap and so good!). In the afternoon go for a walk at coffee shops of the Lower East Side. Grab some pastrami at the iconic Katz's Deli. Then, you can stop at a bar and get a drink. - Day 3: Explore Uptown. Go for a run in Central Park. Grab a sandwich for lunch and head to the Metropolitan Museum or the MOMA (if you're more into contemporary art). You'll probably spend a few hours in each of them. You can also just head up to Harlem for authentic soul food.

8 things to do in NYC

Be prepared because you're going to walk a loooot! Here are the spots I'd recommend you to go to: - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - if you're an absolute fan of classical art, you can spend - at least - half a day. As I'm kinda crazy with museums, I think I managed to stay 8 hours... without even finishing it (poor me!) - Katz's Deli has legendary pastrami. It's often quoted as the best. I'm not a big fan of Pastrami but I have to say: it was pretty damn good. - American Museum of Natural History - another day to spend at a museum. It's the best museum to explore human cultures and scientific discoveries. If you get bored with museums, check out these places: - Brooklyn Bridge is iconic. Totally worth running back and forth with a cup of coffee and a bagel (yes, that's a sporty breakfast - Central Park: it'd be awful not to mention it. - Chinatown, Little Italy: make sure you stop there at lunch time. From my experience, every restaurant is decent, I think it's worth the money. But some foodies will probably give you better recommendations... - Brooklyn: spend a day or two in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bowl is a great place to go to for dancing. Also, take a walk in the Brooklyn Heights Promenade with a hot chocolate. For food: - Go to Roberta's Pizzeria: they have the best pizza you can think of. Go there an hour or two before peak times because New Yorkers know how damn good they are!

About my favorite neighborhood in New York

East Village and Lower East Side: it's relaxing, mostly locals, not too crowded and somewhat hippie. It feels like a little village. It's very close to all the busy area of downtown and you can walk to Flat Iron or to Union Square. Lots of cool coffee shops and bars, half hipsters, half tattoos and rockandroll. If you want to see the fashion/fency side of NY, go to Meetpacking district - it's another experience!

Some tips for visiting New York

There are so many ways to experience New York and it's different for everyone. Here are some tips for visiting New York: Wear good running shoes for all the walking you will be doing ! New York is a way bigger city than Europeans capitols, and most of the thrill of visiting NY is in walking down avenues or whole neighborhoods. Do the Staten Islan Ferry: it's the best attraction in NY, perfect to catch a sunset, and rest your feet after a long day. You will see amazing views of the Manhattan tip. You even go near the Statue of Liberty, so you can get great pictures of that too! Visit Lower East Side and East Village - they are my favorite neighborhoods (see my full post about it) Walk the High Line for sure, I like better from North to South, so you can end the walk in the Meatpacking district and grab a drink there.