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Kalem_patagonia Empresa de Turismo Aventura-Montaña y Logística. Puerto Guadal, Región de Aysén. Cel: 973917881 https://www.facebook.com/turismokalempatagonia/ ?
_louste ?? currently in ?? Co-founder and CMO of FAQtr - the blog that gets you.

Turismo Kalem Patagonia

A Familiar company, established on adventure tourism since 2005 this became from the deeply love to the nature. We are native people from patagonia (Aysen region), we are looking after to share our culture and customs giving to you an unique experiencie during you trip on this lands. To this we have a certified guides, mountain equipment, boats, horses, and vehicles suitables to several activities.

Hiking Perito Moreno in Patagonia

There are two different ice hike routes, starting from El Calafate. They both take a full day (including transportation). - The 'Mini Ice' gives you 1h 40mins on the ice itself as part of a two-hour guided tour. It is available from August to June. - The 'Big Ice' gives you 3h 30mins on the ice. It is available from September to April.

3 things to do in San Carlos de Bariloche

Bariloche is the front door of Patagonia. I hate comparisons but Bariloche will remind you of Switzerland. It's a popular base for hiking and skiing the nearby mountains while exploring the Lake District. Here's the top 3 things to do there: 1. Cerro Catedral - Cerro Catedral is located 19 kilometres from Bariloche, and inside the Nahuel Huapí National Park, Patagonia, Argentina. 2. Nahuel Huapi National Park - It's a protected area of the Lake Distrit of Argentinean Patagonia. Nahuel Huapi is its largest glacial lake. 3. Gutierrez Lake - Gutierrez Lake is a lake of northern Patagonia in the province of Rio Negro, in Argentina. It is of glacial origin. The lake is connected to Nahuel Huapi Lake.

What to expect if you hike Torres del Paine in Patagonia

- Torres Del Paine is one of most popular trek in the world. You'll always meet people at campsites. But, you'll often find yourself alone in your 8-hour of daily hike. - 15 km a day will be the norm for 7 days straight so be prepared for that - 15 kg in your backpack. Go to the gym for a few weeks before the trip ;) - Weather can be surprising. You could have all 4 seasons in one day. Be prepared for that, pack some rain clothes. That said, I can confidently say this: it's not THAT difficult. I'm fairly active but I don't consider myself sportsy (I go to the gym once a week...on good weeks). Prepare for the worst (in terms of weather changes), prepare to observe the most amazing landscapes you'll ever see in a lifetime and that should do.

Packing tips to hike in Torres del Paine

- Backpack (55L) - A solid tent. Any tents with stakes are good. - Sleeping bag & sleeping pad - Hiking boots (real ones, not your sneakers you use at the gym as they'll get soaked in rainy days. - Clothes (2 short-sleeve shirts, 2 long-sleeve shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 shorts, 4 pairs of socks + underwear) - Rain jacket + Rain pants (for rain and wind) - Lots of dry food (dehydrated meals, quinoa, oatmeal, granola bars, chocolate) - Camping stove/lighter - Gas (you'll find them in Puerto Natales at any supermarkets) - Toiletries - First-aid kit - Chilean Pesos (hostels, park entrance fees, reservations and to buy a chocolate bar for your last day on the 'O' trek ;) - Campsite reservations + passport — they ask to see this at every campsite when you check in; you can’t just tell them your name! It’s nice to pack this in an easy-to-access place at the top of your pack.

How long you should stay in Patagonia to enjoy it

To enjoy Patagonia, I suggest you to take 2 months: - 2-3 days in Aconcagua Provincial Park in Argentina - 12 days for the 'O' trek in Torres Del Paine - 1 week in Bariloche - 1 week in El Chalten - 1 week in the Ushuaia region (Puerto Natales) - 1 week going up to Pucon, Chile (it's not Patagonia anymore but it's a stunning ending for this fantastic trip)

What I've done in Patagonia

Wow that's a broad question :) I've hiked a tiny bit of Patagonia - went to Bariloche, Torres Del Paine (the second-best), El Calafate, El Chalten (the best) Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas, Terra del Fuego and Ushuaïa. I've done that in a month and that was clearly too short. If you want to go to Patagonia, I'd recommend you to get a bit of a physical preparation - run 3 times a week 2 months before you go - as it can be overwhelming if you're not a seasoned hiker. We are talking about hiking 8h a day for a full month ;)