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Kawasan Falls Cebu

Kawasan Falls in Cebu is one of the best things you should see there! Try the canyoneering where you trek through the jungle and spot all the beautiful waterfalls and some amazing blue lagoons. For those adventure-seekers and adrenaline junkies, you get to cliff jump from 4meter - 14 meter high cliffs into the falls!

3 things I liked doing the most in Manila

1. Taking a kalesa (trishaw) ride around Intramuros where you can see the historical part of Manila. 2. Watch the sunset by Manila bay. 3. A day trip in Manila Ocean Park

moving from melbourne to manila, cultural change

There’s actually a huge difference between Melbourne and Manila. First of all, safety. You need to be very alert in Manila because there’s a high crime rate in the city. You also have to be careful of cab drivers as they tend to scam foreigners. Better to use Grab in booking rides. Second, foods seem to be expensive in a lot of places. Try to look around for cheaper ones first. Public transportation is also very different. It’s very time consuming and crowded. But people are usually friendly and are good in speaking English.