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What impressed you the most when visiting Rome for the first time?

Rome is a city that takes you back in history. You will feel that you have suddenly entered into a time machine and gone back into the age of the Roman Empire. The city has a very unique spirit, that makes it so different from the other European cities. I had visited Rome in summer, and it was extremely hot. I found some relief in the delicious Gelato ice-creams that Italy is known for. You must try them if you ever visit Italy. Absolutely amazing.

How many days are enough for a trip to Rome? Is a week enough? Thanks!

For sure, one week is well enough time! There is SO much to do in Rome- indefinitely one of the most scenic place in terms of landmarks. We did Rome in two night, and could have definitely enjoyed a day or two more! I wouldn’t do more than a week. 3-4 nights would be more than enough!