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Sri Lanka

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What were the 3 things you liked the most during your trip to Sri Lanka ?

Hi Steve, nice to meet you ! The 3 things I liked the most in Sri Lanka were Ella in the center, the village is full of tourists but the nature around really worth it. Then I liked Tissamaharama because we went there just after Ella and it felt like real Sri Lanka (we borrowed bikes to our guest house and we went to a lake at sunset with many birds, it was great). Then the beaches in the south were very nice too, we went to Mirisa for a day and we enjoyed it very much, we saw turtles in the sea !

What were the 3 things I liked the most during my trip to Ella ?

The three things I liked most about my trip to Ella are:↵1. The 7-hour train ride there from Kandy↵2. The sunrise hike up little lions peak↵3. The greener than green fields of tea leaves

This is the best 6-day itinerary to expore Sri Lanka

Try to land in Colombo as it's the best starting point for this amazing trip you're gonna have :) - Day 1: Stay the night in Colombo. Go for an evening stroll at Galle Face. Under good weather conditions, this walk will be a good start for Sri Lanka. - Day 2: Wake up early and go for Anuradhapura. Spend the morning there, there's plenty to do. Move to Trincomalee for the night. Sightseeing there will leave you full of dreamy images. - Day 3: Again: get up early and make a move to early to Fort Sigiriya for the first half of the day. Then start your move to Kandy where you'll spend the night. - Day 4: Tooth Temple should be your first morning activity. Then, start your trip to Ella. And treat your eyes with amazing landscapes :) - Day 5: Visit Ashoka vanam (Sita forest) and the other temples. Stay the night there. - Day 6: Last day: leave for Colombo (take a train as you'll be rewarded with fantastic viewpoints on the ride to Colombo). Don't cry too much... and plan a second visit to check: Bentota, Nuwara Eliya, Galle and Katragama :)

What you should try in Sri Lanka

Throughout the years, Sri Lanka has adapted its food culture into a blend of different curry dishes. Here's what you should try: 1. Hoppers / Appa. This is an iconic food of Sri Lanka. It begins with a simple pancake batter that’s spruced up with some coconut milk. Appas are like rounded pans thick and soft on the bottom, and thin and crunchy on the edges. 2. Kiribath. Kiribath is a special type of rice, cooked with thick coconut milk and often served during special or auspicious occasions, such as Sinhalese New Year. There are a few versions of kiribath, but the basic procedure is to start by boiling a pot of rice. 3. Jackfruit curry. Jackfruit is consumed in a number of different stages of ripeness, from very ripe and sweet to green and starchy. Polos is a Sri Lankan curry prepared with young green jackfruit. The fruit is sliced into bite-sized chunks and boiled until soft. It's then cooked with onions, garlic, ginger and spices like must. 4. Kottu. Kottu is Sri Lanka's hamburger -- everybody's favorite go-to fast food when craving something tasty and greasy. The roti is normally fried at the beginning of the day, piled into stacks and served as it's ordered. When you place an order, the kottu chef will fry and chop the roti with a selection of ingredients you choose. The result is a tasty mixture of salty pieces of fried dough, lightly spiced and extremely comforting. There are variations of Kottu for your preferences.

Make sure you know these tips before visiting Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a little paradise on earth. You're gonna have a great blast there: here is a few tips to live the dream for your trip there. 1. Always carry a bottle of water with you. don't drink tap water there - you'll thank me later ;) 2. Eat the local food (like you'd do anywhere else on this planet! Sri Lanka has a simple but yet very tasty cuisine. Try everything, you won't regret it! 3. Hire tuk-tuks. Best way to get around towns. They are cheap, handy, and their drivers can turn into your personal guide. Go for it! 4. Travel by train. It's the cheapest way to get around Sri Lanka. And most of the time, you'll be greeted with mesmerizing views. 5. Bring always a pair of flip-flops to visit temples. You have to remove your shoes anyway to get into them and their temples are worth visiting. So why not wearing flip-flops all the time anyway ;)