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My recommendations for visiting Vancouver

You can find deals and coupons for major tourist places at vancouverattractions.com but personally I love - Grouse Mountain where you can see Vancouver and surrounds - Deep cove is my favourite beach - Sea to sky Gondola best mountains views - Fort Langley where often are filmed many movies and tv-series Hopefully you can update your visit for at least 1 week!

My longest hike to date and John Lennon leprechauns

Today I did my longest hike ever, it's called Mount Unnecessary, on Cypress Moutain, in Vancouver Canada. It's a 15km hike that goes across two summits - it passes Saint Marks for the people familiar with this area. The day was completely foggy but I loved the feel of the fog stuck in the forest, creating limited visibility. It was incredibly humid and it probably added some difficulty to the hike. No views whatsoever because of the fog every where, but a great nature retreat. I stared to be really exhausted when hiking up the Mount Unnecessary. It's very very steep and the trail is not maintained, with fallen trees, climbing parts etc... I was giving everything I had, sweating like crazy, pushing myself to the limit. At some point, I'm resting on the ground, leaning on a tree trying to catch my breath , and suddenly a guy and a girl appear from nowhere. They were both in their early 20s, long haired, had small circular glasses, and one of them had a strong resemblence to John Lennon. It really made my mind freeze for a bit. They both were not carrying any backback, barely had a small bottle of water. They were casually dressed, no technical gear whatsoever, and they were walking so fast, so lightly up and down, with no efforts... Kind of hovering over any obstacles, never taking breaks.... while I had died 3 times to reach that exact spot... I like to think that they were John Lennon Leprechauns... or that I was badly dehydrated.

Vancouver Vegan Delight

Vegan Lovers, if you are visiting Vancouver The Chickpea Restaurant in Main Street Vancouver is a must!! Plant based comfort food with a Mediterranean twist. ✅???. . Excellent Vegan food, large portions, well priced, hipster and fun!! . I had the Tofu scramble with Carrot Lox, labaneh cheese, marinated dill cucumbers & capers & avocado.

Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge.

A must see. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is 140 metres (460 ft)[1] long and 70 metres (230 ft) above the river. It houses North America's largest private collection of First Nations artifacts and the new added attraction- The Cliffwalk.

Vancouver for 2-3 days

A few of Vancouver’s BC attractions are the following: Stanley Park. Seawall path at Stanley Park. Granville Island. Granville Island. Museum of Anthropology. Kitsilano Beach. Kitsilano Beach Gastown. Gastown. Canada Place. Canada Place. The 2010 Olympic Cauldron, Chinatown Hopefully everyonew find these helpful.? Thank u. Topaz2911

We are family of 4 thinking of exploring Vancouver this summer for 2 weeks. In which neighborhood did you stay to make sure you could explore the city easily (we have a 3-year-old with us)? Thanks a lot!

If you are not on a tight budget, it would be best to live in Downtown Vancouver. A lof of the sightseeing places are in the area, including Granville Island, English Bay, Yale Town, Kitsilano and Stanley Park. There is a specific area in Downtown to avoid though, Chinatown, where it gets a bit sketchy at night.

What's your favorite bar or neighborhood to go out for drinks in Vancouver ?

My favorite bar to get drinks is Chambar! Best first date spot in the city in my mind. Other than that, I would go to Yaletown where there's many chic spots to check out with great cocktails and food. Banter Room is always a fun vibe!

About my favorite hike in Vancouver

My favorite hike in Vancouver is Saint Mark's trail. It's a medium level hike that takes around 3 hours to go up and 2 hours to go down. I hiked it 3 times in total, 2 times in summer, once in winter with a lot of snow everywhere. The views are incredible and very different : deep mountain forest, top of the hill misty forests with sunbeams, and views of the ocean. Once you are at the top, you can walk around the cliff and enjoy the view of the Lion's bay from high above. I suggest starting early this trail , around 8 am because it gets crowded. Also, by starting early, the light is nicer around 10am if you want to take some nice pictures.

Top things to do in Vancouver in July

1. Go for a morning run at Vancouver Seawall. Depending on your shape (disclosure: I'm out of shape), you can end your run in Stanley Park. Chances are you're gonna enjoy sunny Vancouver so you'll have a lovely day out there. 2. Go to Cypress Mountain, it's an hour by car from Downtown Vancouver and it features fantastic trails. Get your hiking shoes and go up that mountain. A full hiking there will leave you speechless. 3. Vancouver has fantastic Ramen Shop. My personal favorite is Danbo Ramen on Robson.

What do you like the most about Vancouver?

The legal weed and the delightfully pleasant Canadians. Oh and Kits Beach during Spring with the snowcapped mountains in the background.

Why I moved to Vancouver, Canada

I left Paris 2 years ago to explore North America. I had no idea I would end up in Vancouver, but after 48h I fell in love with this place. Most of the people who move to Vancouver stay because of the incredible Nature. Mountains, beaches, ski, hiking.. All 30 min from downtown !