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A cheaper way to visit Venice

A cheaper way to visit Venice is to actually stay in Verona, which is a lovely city. It's touristy, but airbnb's and hotels are much cheaper than in Venice. Spend 3 days maximum in Verona. Then, take a local train to Venice. The train is direct, really cheap and takes about an hour. It drops you in the center of Venice. Once you are done for the day, hop back on the train and go back to Verona. Sure it's a little long, but it's a good way to slow travel, rest in the train and enjoy Venice day or night. I remember when exiting the train station, it took my mind at least 5 minutes to understand and process what I saw: water, bridges and cute boats everywhere. It was so different from any city I ever visited, I was continuously surprised to see water everywhere !...

Venezia in November

Everyone planning a trip for November should consider Venice. This is the best month to travel, and it's fall weather. The flights are reasonable, you'll save a ton on hotels and lines are short at most high traffic locations. Can't say I wouldn't enjoy a summer trip, but the price difference is very convincing!

Venice- Our Budget (Transportation)

This shot was our first look of Venice as were riding in on one of the water taxis from the airport. It was completely breathtaking, but it was the first and last time we used the water taxi system. Venice is small enough to explore on foot, so we chose to walk to all the sites. This saved us money and made sure we could see as much of the city as possible!

I'll drink to that!

Walking around Venice is a food lovers delight. We sat at this table and received free welcome drinks! Trattoria Casanova is a must if you're nearby in San Marco Venice!

Murano, Venice

I want to leave early, like we planned, the next time we are in Venice! I'd like to see Burrano, Torecello and other nearby gems. We didn't even get to do everything in Murano! We were off to a late start, but check our Italy blog post at traveltreatseats.com for the itinerary!

Venice- Our Budget

After a lot of saving, planning, and waiting, we finally made it to Venice, Italy! Always happy to answer anything about how we pulled off our three week Italy trip- EVEN on our tight college student budget. (Hint: We didn’t have to stick to just backpacking, staying in hostels, or only eating microwaveable food!)

Gelato in Venice

We wondered around the winding and bustling streets of Venice Italy looking for a sweet treat. I'd say we found the best option! What do you think?


Venice is beautiful to discover in the canals and hidden places. Getting lost while walking around Venice is the best thing that can happen to you because you can discover wonderful places

What were the 3 things you liked the most during your trip to Venice ?

Thank you, the things that I liked most about Venice is the sunset in the background of the laguna, the little places that are hidden inside of the little street of Venice like a labyrinth especially the one that I can see the view of all Venice on top of the terrace of the building and when I see the boat or the gondole that they run through the laguna

First-time travelers in Venice: these are the top things to do

Prepare yourself because you're gonna have a blast :) Here's a few tips to enjoy this eternal city: 1. Getting lost is the best way to enjoy Venice. Don't necessarily follow the crowd, just walk where your heart brings you. You'll probably fall in love with a back street that only locals use. In the busiest season, you'll avoid queueing for hours by wandering around alone. 2. See Venice form a boat. The city has been built for boats. The Canal Grande, the most beautiful street you'll see, can only be seen on a boat whether it's on a Gondola, on a private boat, a kayak or by water bus/ I'd personally suggest you to book a private tour, totally worth it. 3. Eat local food as if it was your last meal. Eating in Venice can be very cheap. Every real bacaro serves cichetti that will leave you full and satisfied. 4. Carry a bottle of water. Fountains water is drinkable and will save you a euro or two... Also it's eco-friendly ;)

The tourist traps to avoid while in Venice

- Back streets are your best friends: always go a couple of streets further back from the Piazza - or from the Grand Canal. Your wallet will thank you. - Friendly waiters are not your best friends: As a rule of thumb, restaurants with waiters standing outside calling you to eat are probably the ones you should avoid. Same applies to shops. - Eat where locals eat. In general, if you hear clients speaking Italian with each other, go. Second, eat the regional specialities. Each region has its own popular dishes, don't try northern food in Venice. - Orchestras: when you eat at restaurants with live music, remember that the music comes at a cost. Y'oull probably pay extra on your bill. - For typical Venitian experiences, bargaining is usually recommended (not in museums of course...).