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Washington, USA

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10 Hidden Gems of the Kitsap Peninsula

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My experience when visiting Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is huge and can be complicated to visit. Everything is very spread out and it took me 4hours to drive through to reach the Pacific Coast. Add the driving time to get there + time to take the ferry etc... so plan where you will have your first night. There are beautiful mountains on the way so I would definitely take the time to stop and camp there. A good camping spot is on Blue Mountain - Deer park campground. Deers everywhere, an amazing view of moutains and sunset. But even in June it was VERY (-5degres at night) !! - So be sure to have the right winter equipment when camping there. You can visit Marymere Falls (surprisingly nice) ! at the same place you can also hike up the Mount Storm King (3h) but amazing view. The top is a little bit sketchy: need to climb ropes and everything is very narrow - but it's doable. There are signs saying to go there at your own risk - so it's totally depending on if you are comfortable with heights and climbing. Lots of beginners do it. I met 3 girls from New Jersey at the top and they were not in shape and yelling all the time (yeah New Jersey) but they had fun ! Go do Sol Duc Falls, there are out of the way but they are surprisingly beautiful and romantic (get there early, it's very touristy) I did not like Hoh Rain Forest - the pictures you'll see online are exagerated and don't reflect the real atmosphere. It's also very crowded for just one attraction. There are many campgrounds all along the highway 101 so you don't have to book anything in advance. See my posts about the beaches in Olympic National Park (that's the best part)