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Maya and Max part 2

Max worried she corrupted Maya. She knew she shouldn’t, she wasn’t supposed to care about her influence on people. But Maya wasn’t a person, she was an angel. Though she would probably be praised for causing an angel to fall, she didn’t want that for Maya. She was too beautiful and pure for the horrors of Earth. Max didn’t just worry for Maya’s wings, she worried for Maya’s grace. It was full of light and happiness, and among the pessimism of the world it would drown. She never understood how humans could love someone so much yet leave them, but she understood now.

Dama de noche

En la noche cerrada de aquel verano inmemorial, supiste cómo conquistar mi olfato con la fragancia intensa de tu condición natural, que no permitió resistirme a buscarte y encontrarte a pocos metros de mí: "allí estabas mi hermosa dama de noche, con tus pétalos bien abiertos ofreciéndole un abrazo de primevera a estos ojos mustios de mirada rutinaria."


Have you ever tried Writing poetries? Start it with the first beat of your heart, that drops when you see your special one

Maya and Max part 1

Maya never used to stray far from her territory. For as long as she can remember she watches over the same group of countries. She didn’t even know their names, she never had a need to, but that was before she met Max. Her name was actually Maxine, but she insisted on being called Max. Max was everything she was supposed to hate, she was a demon, she was cocky, she was sexual, she was violent. But Maya couldn’t help but look on in awe. - Max, being more forward, approached her first. Maya of course saw her true form, but it wasn’t hideous or terrifying like she had been warned demon forms were. Instead Max was beautiful, and Maya was entranced. She had never though much of humans and their lust and love, but she understood now.

Boy and his cats

Boy has dark brown hair and is always wearing sweaters and long pants. He loves his cats, boyfriend Tommy, and skateboarding. He pretends to be super edgy and badass but he’s actually a huge softy. . He goes skateboarding every weekend night sometimes with Tommy, sometimes by himself. Tommy would rather go with Boy because when ever he goes skating by himself he always manages to find another cat to bring home.

In the aftermath

She always tried to tell him it was his soul she fell in love with, yet it was his presence she craved. Empty moments filled with nothing was what she became accustomed too. She tried to love him like she thought he wanted yet in the end she saw she should of loved him the way he needed. He never believed she really loved his soul as he told her he didn’t have one and instead he prayed on her generous nature and kind ways, he manipulated time and space daily to push her to her limits. He was the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Yet she saw in his pearly white smile the truth of how hard he could really bite, but she new that part of loving him was loving his demons too. But in the end she let his demons feed on her. She took on the role of the victim, she forgot who she was. She was the fire in her emotions, stronger than any woman for she felt the pain every inch of it and still got up everyday with love in her heart and a smile on her face. She fell into the role she played but never really felt like herself. Outsiders looked on like she was weak for staying oh so many times, people would tell her to learn to love herself. Yet she did. The small piece of the puzzle that no one ever saw was she loved herself in the true meaning of the word. She honoured a karmic bond made before this body and she knew in balance they would teach each other lessons about who and what they really are. Cause thats the beauty of love, it never really dies. It’s just harder for a blackened soul to feel. So they parted, perhaps this time for good. She saw him, into him, through him and all of him yet the wolf never removed the sheep’s clothing until the aftermath came upon her. She felt let down, betrayed, unimpressed and hurt. Not because of the stupid childish smear campaign or because he cheated on her yet again. No she felt this way cause they’d had an unspoken packed to love each other’s broken bits. He betrayed that. She’d never expected his loyalty, but she had hoped he could really see her. Unfortunately his demons again were far to strong and savage, they betrayed him. He couldn’t see the strength in her eyes, through her tears and cries of pain. He thought she was weak, needy and pathetic. As he could only ever see himself reflected in her shallow waters. It’s in the depths that she finds her strength to resurface a new. He won the fight, never knowing she had already concord the war. She felt every inch of what he did and loved him anyway. The only fool was he, him with his shallow thoughts and shallow needs and wants. He stopped listening to his soul that craved to never die alone. He could no longer hear it’s whisper. But she could she could hear him calling, calling out another woman’s name in the hope that she might see him and choose him anyway. But she was broken herself and playing jump rope with him, she new he couldn’t love, she new who he was, her demons reflected his and together they found something in common. But did they really love each other or did they only love the reflection of themselves in one another’s cold dark eyes. She played her cards right she new exactly how to behave after studying his main supply for so long, she new just how to capture his gaze. And so she did. And so they were. And so they will continue to be for a period of time. She was left behind discarded, like a cold dead lifeless nothing. As he believed he’d reduced her too this nothing, yet his young dark soul had much to learn about this life, love and limits. And just as she saw in the aftermath that perhaps he was ready for truth, she new she’d never let one word whisper between the two of them again. He’d given her up, he thought he’d sucked her dry, taken everything he could and stripped her bare and naked. So why did she still stand so tall? So proud, defending the love she’d once felt, knowing herself and not being ashamed of losing so much in act1. She’d known his heart,in other lives, in other times. She’d loved him in many different facets, with different faces and different relationships in different lives. So it didn’t matter that he couldn’t feel it this life and that he instead tried to break her, coz she new the ache he felt this life too. For she felt it also. And while not the same she too ached in the absence of love could never give her. He would never understand in this life or this body, how she loved him so purely so organically. The abuse made a mockery of the sadly, only shallow feelings they could share, this time round. She longed to dive the deep oceans of his soul, yet his demons would slay anyone who entered even his murky shallowest of waters. This life was harder on her with lessons, painful lessons constantly bombarding her family. She didn’t have the freedom to switch off and simply not care for this or that like him. She felt every inch of abuse growing up, she saw people she loved die while others were lost and gone yet still walking around in loved ones bodies. She’d never let anyone in enough to trust them enough to really see her. How strong she really was, how much hurt, sorrow and raw ache she felt daily in fact, he was the first person to mirror such true pain. She thought he had an insight to this. That it was simply known or felt. She was naive in love while he thought himself quiet the puppet master. But it was her strength when summoned correctly that would have been their salvation. Yet once again his savage demons fed on any belief of true love......and he walked away. This time for good.