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HoudaK Grateful inhabitant of a beautiful planet called Earth 🌐🗺 ~ It's a Big World after all! ~
raphaeltissot Entrepreneur and co-founder of FAQtr. From Paris, lives in Vancouver. Sharing my (humble) thoughts about being human. Love all types of creativity
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traceymartins Work hard, travel harder!

This Made Me Smile ~ 23.Oct.19

Going through some Octoberish reads, I came across this beautiful passage from The Lantern's Ember by Colleen Houck. Seems like Halloween can make you feel a lot more than just quivery. ★★★★★ “My stubborn little witch,” he said softly. “Don’t believe for a clockwork minute that you are unlovable. If I were a mortal, a man not doomed to walk the earth as a haunted specter, I would be the first suitor in line. Please believe that.” She hiccupped. “You… you’d want to court me?” Jack laughed. “Court you? I’d follow you around like Finney and stare at you all moony-eyed. I’d spend my days fending off your other would-be suitors, my evenings charming Flossie, and my nights stealing kisses at your window.” ― Colleen Houck, The Lantern's Ember

The spirit of Thanksgiving seen by a foreigner

Yesterday we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. If you ask me why it happens 1 month before the American one, I'd say it's part of the Canadian quirkiness. If you ask a Canadian about it, he'd probably apologize for it :-) Yesterday we cleverly called it a Friendsgiving. Almost half of the people around the table were coming from other countries like Australia, Chile, Venezuela. I really loved this international and inclusive feel, which definitely reflects the culture in Vancouver. We joked about how preparing our own turkey and gravy made us feel like we had all become full grown adults... I guess we're at that stage now! Our lovely hosts made a special effort to decorate the table with orange, red and yellow maple leaves, cinnamon candles and other small details that made this gathering more than just a dinner between friends. 10 years ago I celebrated my first American Thanksgiving in Long Island, near New York. I was barely 20 years old then, and discovered for the first time an immense sense of warmness and hospitality from a family I had just met. The memory of that evening stayed so sharp in my mind and I know that if I get the chance to host Thanksgiving one day, I will refer to it and try to make it as special as it was for me then. Yesterday's evening was as comforting and graceful as this old memory, and stayed asbolutely true to this holiday's spirit. Thanksgiving is an opporunity to be thankful, so here it goes: I am thankful to the people who invited me to spend Thanksgiving with them. I am thankful for learning from their sense of warmth and generosity. I am thankful for discovering that a meal could be so delicious even without using ANY cheese ! I know, it's hard to believe for us French people. Wishing a happy Thanksgiving to everyone !

My first life in Paris

I am aiming at practicing my writing and story-telling abilities I want to get adapted as fast as possible in Paris To reach my goals, I've decided to blog about the process of my integration in /adaptation to Paris and the French culture. I have started to take small notes about places I have been, and things I have been doing in Paris so I turn them into little stories later. Storytelling is an important tool. Most of us have to tell stories to a kid one day, introduce or present ourselves, talk about our business, etc. For me, it would help me immensely with my social life, work, and self-reflection. Through creating a blog I would also create a place where my experiences wont get lost nor forgotten. This would be a way for me to look back at my achievements, and it might also become handy for the next nomad like myself who finds themselves in France... If you are also prune to moving cross countries, my advice to you is to enjoy the moment and learn as much as you can out of it!

The one where F.R.I.E.N.D.S drove off a night before exams.

My favorite trip to this date was in the month of Feb 2019. A spontaneous plan with my F.R.I.E.N.D.S to Ajmer and Pushkar, India. This was a trip I particularly loved because it was extremely spontaneous; the six of us took our car, sneaked out of our hostel one night before our exams and drove off to two spectacular towns! If you go there, I recommend La Pizzeria Cafe at Pushkar! A definite sip to their Virgin Mojito. That's my hangover drink after all the nights I have spent at Pushkar. Not to forget the Ana Sagar Lake at Ajmer; cool breeze brushing softly against your cheeks with waters giving the perfect chills.

This made me smile

Yesterday morning I was working from a coffeeshop in downtown Vancouver. I was looking at the people rushing to work, in their nice work clothes. Someone in the coffeeshop had to leave their big cute fluffy dog outside while he was ordering his coffee. And that's when it happened: at least 4 people, althought they were rushing to work, would actually make a small detour and take a few seconds to pet the dog! The dog was obviously loving it, and the work people were actually smiling and feeling better! Maybe they needed that extra feel-good boost right before entering their office towers... I've only witnessed this level of emotional maturity in North America. I think it's super healthy for these people to know this about themselves, and to admit openly that they they do feel better when petting a doggo. In Europe very few people pay attention to dogs and have this dog-lover spontaneous bursts of affection. I think we definitely are less in touch with our emotions, even when it means to instantly feel good about something. The concept of support animal has never been more accurate ! And maybe all offices should be dog-friendly. Especially after seeing the immediate impact they had on these workers.

The Day My Best Friend Asked Me To Be Her Bridesmaid

A close friend announced me she got proposed and that she’d love to have me as her bridesmaid.   My friend never calls people, she texts or send stories. She says that the only reason she would call people over the phone is to announce a tragedy. When she told me she had something important to tell me (over text), I was terrified. I was imagining the worst scenarios, wondering who passed away or got attacked. When she actually called me, she probably knew that I was scared so she acted a bit sad and desperate. When she heard my heart pounding, she broke to me the good news. And I felt relieved. That call shook me. I went from fear to excitement in a few words. And when she asked me to be her bridesmaid, I got emotional and cried a bit. It was an epic rollercoaster of feelings.