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Working towards deep work and digital minimalism

My new habit is incorporating "deep work" into my workflow. I recently listened to a podcast with Cal Newport, who specializes in deep work and digital minimalism. Essentially that means reducing our distractions to approximately ZERO -- no emails, no Tweets, no Whatsapp chats, etc. -- and really concentrating on our work for as long as possible. One of Cal's points that really stuck with me is that in 10 - 15 years, we're going to look back on our distracted working style and be embarrassed. It's incredibly inefficient, and causes us undue stress. He anticipates a big shift in the way we approach work over the next decade, and as I'm seeing more and more people trying to disconnect from their phones, I think he's dead on. So here's what I do for my new habit: while working, I turn my phone onto Do Not Disturb mode. I put on some easy working music (often jazz or classical, with no words whatsoever). I put on a timer for thirty minutes, and I literally throw my phone to the other side of my bed (I work from home). This last step is important -- well, maybe not the throwing part. But if my phone is within my reach, I will grab it without thinking about it. If it's burrowed into the blankets across the room from me, I'm forced to think about whether I NEED to look at it when I reach for it. That's all for now. There are some other things I'm doing to work towards digital minimalism, maybe I'll write some more tomorrow!


"When a loved one passes, it's difficult to find the best way to honor their memory. Our lives are not so simple anymore and family members can be thousands of miles apart. Our memorial pendants are designed with your lifestyle in mind."

Eterea Memorial came to life after the founders both experienced the loss of one of their close relatives. Both felt that the funeral industry was archaic, impersonal, and overpriced. They looked for a way to honor their loved ones that fit with their modern lifestyle. With a growing number of people forgoing the traditional funeral ceremony in preference of a celebration of life, there is also a need to change how people commemorate one's body after death. Cremation has recently become a more popular option over burial, but many people are often left unsure of what to do with the cremated remains of their loved ones. Eterea Memorial jewelry provides a meaningful way to memorialize loved ones requiring only a small commitment of ashes. Our pendants are made with the highest quality materials, completely customizable, and laser welded for a guaranteed seal. More details at https://etereamemorial.com/


What's Love ❤

Love is something is which all believe blindly with no reason. It's a magical moment which is experienced by each one in the world from a insect to a human. Everyone has a pair, it may be anything just a brother-sister, Mother-child, Friendship, love relationship , petlove - human Dad - child, cousins love. It may be any type of love. It may not last long because of trust issues, over possessiveness , or because of the pressure where people end up with a failure, but true love can face everything and can help you find a happy ending in life. You have a up and down in each single step, taking a step together can lead you to a better way of thinking. When are you going to have some love ❤❤❤?? Just close your eyes and say I love you to all your loved ones !

work experience

The power of Now

The power of Now is incredibly strong and incredibly simple: stop postponing what you can do right now. If it can be done in the next 5 to 10min, you should do it now and be done with it, forever. I know there is book out there with a similar title, but I haven't read it and don't know if it talks about this idea as well. But either way, I'm going to keep refering to it as the power of Now. I've learned about the Power of Now while working with 2 startup CEO's over the last 5 years. Both of them had an incredible amount of work, hundreds of emails to deal with, dozens of calls to do every day. Yet, whenever me or another employee would interrupt them, and ask them about a problem or a question, they would stop what they were doing and take the time to solve it. Even if it was an accounting or tax issue! If you feel like it will take more than 15-20 min, then maybe address the problem differently and try to break it into smaller tasks. I don't know if they did this on purpose, but I find this management method and state of mind incredibly powerful: - it empowers the other person buy saying "your problem is important enough for me to address it now" - it creates and reinforces the right mindset for both the CEO/manager and the employee: get sh*t done! That is, after all, the golden rule of startups. I try to apply the Power of Now in my every day life, with errands, admin tasks, cleaning and I noticed it keeps me in a proactive state instead. It makes me want to jump onto the next task and solve it ! (coffee helps too!) On the contrary, one of my roommates told me yesterday how her new company (300+ people) was taking forever to take even the smallest decisions, making sure everyone was rightfully invovled and aware of the same level of facts before conferring, planing a meeting and taking the decision. It seems to me that this approach lacks accountability and leadership and is not necesseraly good. I encourage you to apply the Power of Now in your everyday life and to stop postponing. I found that it made me feel more confident as an entrepreneur, as a human, and it even spread a motivational energy with the people around me.

about me

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Angie, I am 42 and I have lots of hobbies. I am a creative type person, who does something artsy or creative everyday. I draw, paint, write poetry/fiction. I take photos, bake, cook, crochet, pretty much anything artsy. I will be sharing some written words/art here. I hope if you stop by you enjoy this. I’d like to get to know you and make new friends. Thanks for taking the time to check me out.


Elements of building relation

I have always heard that love can't be seen but you can feel it when you are in love. Yup!! We have seen a lot of romantic films in Hollywood and Bollywood. Some of those make us cry but what happen in reality?? It’s totally hard to say if it's going to be a happy ending or if they will be apart from each other. A few of them are lucky to get the chance of written happy ending tales but most of them aren’t. So it will be really sad when you see you can’t hold hand with the one who you love most. A few of us can get the chance to live the rest of life with whom he/she loves. But most of us can’t get the chance to tie up with the loving person. So can we say that our love isn’t strong as much as their?? No, there are others factors that keep a relation alive. A relationship is built on some foundations like trust, respect, understanding, etc. If one of these is missing by any chance than, the relation could not go further.


Digital Marketing : A new trend of Micro-Moments.

A few years back, digital marketing was not a common phenomenon for the marketing pupil. Now, digital marketing is common among us. Each and every business entity wants to do digital marketing so that they can boost up their online presence. But it’s not the last word for market researcher. A new trend is growing that is known as Micro-Moments. A trending hashtag in digital marketing circles, #micromoments emerged in a Google AdWords study earlier this year. It found that searches on mobile devices already outnumber desktop searches in 10 countries, including the U.S. and Japan. The Business world is going to use this new trend. People normally spend most of their time on smartphones. And they are not interested to search through the full process so they choose to search by direct questions. The way to seize the micro moment Now time to say goodbye to the linear consumer journey. It’s time to get acquainted with the idea that what used to be a linear sequence of milestones is increasingly becoming a "Choose Your Own Adventure" of mobile-powered customers. 1. Provide small steps towards Big Goals- Marketers can guide the way with SEO optimized content with right AdWords to match specific search .Take the Big Picture perspective and attain a thorough understanding of what your customers want and need inside of the micro-moments you’ve identified. Whether it’s designing new product features or providing location-based, real-time content, the emphasis should be on delivering a customer-centric user experience that feels real, relevant and personal – with all the small steps toward completing the Big Picture. 2. Optimize for mobile- It’s essential to understand how your brand experience holds up across channels—is it a seamless journey across screens, covering various points in the conversion funnel? Make sure you have the right technology support partner to give the overall audience a better experience. According to Google 66% of smartphone users research products they saw on TV with their phones. In this broad playing field, data-driven, omnichannel marketing solutions offer a host of innovative products and features to help track on-line behavior and capture the data that matters.


This Made Me Smile ~ 23.Oct.19

Going through some Octoberish reads, I came across this beautiful passage from The Lantern's Ember by Colleen Houck. Seems like Halloween can make you feel a lot more than just quivery. ★★★★★ “My stubborn little witch,” he said softly. “Don’t believe for a clockwork minute that you are unlovable. If I were a mortal, a man not doomed to walk the earth as a haunted specter, I would be the first suitor in line. Please believe that.” She hiccupped. “You… you’d want to court me?” Jack laughed. “Court you? I’d follow you around like Finney and stare at you all moony-eyed. I’d spend my days fending off your other would-be suitors, my evenings charming Flossie, and my nights stealing kisses at your window.” ― Colleen Houck, The Lantern's Ember

self healing

next steps

I'm in a space right now where I recognize that the things that are for me will work out whether I put in 10% or 100% and the things that are not for me will dissipate even if I give it 110% It's a bit of a tough space to be in because sometimes we create things that we wholeheartedly believe in and when it's not cosigned or doesn't pick up in the way you hoped AND you've given it all of your energy, it can be hard to lay to rest. However, I think it's important to recognize when we have been beating a dead horse and it's time to simply move on and try something new. We gotta be okay with allowing things to end lovingly and pick them back up when the time is right. Personally, I have felt that I've been beating a dead horse when it comes to Broken Heals coaching. I've struggled with offering my services and I've often just wanted to help people rather than seek financial abundance for my efforts. This has been a challenge I've been facing for more than 3 years, where society is constantly telling you to live your dreams, know your worth and charge tax meanwhile many of the women that I have worked with could not afford to pay even a minimum amount due to the circumstances that they are in. I've been at this game for over 5 years before healing became the trend that it is now. It's a lot to spend your time, energy and resources holding someone's hand for months on end and they just don't want to do the work - and I'm not even blaming them because healing ain't no simple thing. Healing has no end date. It's a long, arduous process that requires you to take charge of where you're at and do something about it and that shit is scary. And with the trend that's in now, people would still rather TALK about healing, than actually DO the work. But don't get me wrong, coaching hasn't been all draining - I've built amazing connections, I've helped a lot of women take steps towards their healing and I've grown and healed myself along this journey and I believe that that in itself has been extremely rewarding. With that being said, I'm trying something new. I'll be offering Healing Plan Consultations - you tell me what you need help with, I create a plan for you, you do what you can with the plan, we do check-ins over the course of 90 days and go from there. This is your first step to healing, your first step to doing rather than thinking or speaking on it. This is especially helpful for those that are still a little nervous diving into therapy. Holla at your girl. Like I said, 10% or 110% it don't matter, we give it what we got and it's gonna work or it's not.


Spiritual Progress - Physical Discomfort

There is a prevalent misconception that we need to go to the Himalayas and sleep on hard floors to make spiritual progress. That is helpful for some people, but not all. We can make spiritual progress in our own home sitting on our comfortable, soft beds. Spirituality has nothing to do with physical discomfort, it has to do with quieting our mind, which we can do right now in our homes. “At your core, you are peace. Be who you are. Be Peace.” – Ravi Kathuria, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.”

mental health

Hi there, I'm Haylee!

Welcome to my page, it's lovely to e-meet you! Here you'll find various entries about the things I find interesting (which is mainly why we do the things we do!) and a bit about my own personal journey of self-development. First thing's first, who am I and why am I called the @thehsphelper...? Well long story short, I moved countries a couple of years ago and was metaphorically stripped of all the things I thought created my 'identity'. For the first time ever, I was stuck with myself without all the distractions of hobbies, studying, work, friends, family, and the likes ANDDD I didn't like my own company very much! I fell into depression and subsequently went through a period of self-healing, self-discovery, and self-development. Through all this self-exploration, I learned that I was a 'Highly Sensitive Person' (it's a science thing, really!) which explained A LOT about why I did and didn't like certain things and why and I did and didn't do, certain things. It made me realize, just how easy it can be to live life without really questioning who we are inside. After this revelation, I felt the need to create a page to spread info about what a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is, but this page how has now evolved to a page about questioning our habits and behaviors as well. So here you have me, the HSP Helper ;) And my VISION is this: I want to help others to uncover their own authentic identities, just like I did, by questioning current habits, issues and behaviors to make sure these things are empowering rather than disempowering! I hope to do this through educating, teaching and healing people. Why is this my vision? I BELIEVE OUR HABITS DRIVE OUR LIFE AND WE NEED TO QUESTION THEM IN ORDER TO BECOME THE DRIVERS OF OUR OWN LIVES! I decided a long time ago that I was tired of running on auto-pilot and so my continually aim is to ensure auto-pilot is turned of and that I am the driver of my plane (my life). In addition, I'm all about people accepting and owning their flaws, habits, behaviors and issues and I'm also all about people seeking professional help for these issues too. But where's the in-between? There aren't enough resources out there to help people who simply want to explore and question their own identities. We don't necessarily want to go to therapy about an issue/habit/behavior, but we simply want to know WHY the issue/habit/behavior exists in order to do our own healing or development - this is from my own experience of therapy! So think of me as a support, whilst you walk the path of self-discovery, self-healing and self-development. I believe we all deserve to have the tools to heal ourselves (learning how to fish) instead of being the recipient of healing from someone else (being given a fish). So I hope this page and my Instagram can teach you how to fish, I mean, heal yourself. Look out for upcoming entries about the particular habits I'm working on (including procrastination, perfectionism, self-sabotage - just to name a few!). I'll also try to provide some more practical and educational entries about why we do the things we do so that we can heal and develop together. Lots of Love, Haylee x


The spirit of Thanksgiving seen by a foreigner

Yesterday we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. If you ask me why it happens 1 month before the American one, I'd say it's part of the Canadian quirkiness. If you ask a Canadian about it, he'd probably apologize for it :-) Yesterday we cleverly called it a Friendsgiving. Almost half of the people around the table were coming from other countries like Australia, Chile, Venezuela. I really loved this international and inclusive feel, which definitely reflects the culture in Vancouver. We joked about how preparing our own turkey and gravy made us feel like we had all become full grown adults... I guess we're at that stage now! Our lovely hosts made a special effort to decorate the table with orange, red and yellow maple leaves, cinnamon candles and other small details that made this gathering more than just a dinner between friends. 10 years ago I celebrated my first American Thanksgiving in Long Island, near New York. I was barely 20 years old then, and discovered for the first time an immense sense of warmness and hospitality from a family I had just met. The memory of that evening stayed so sharp in my mind and I know that if I get the chance to host Thanksgiving one day, I will refer to it and try to make it as special as it was for me then. Yesterday's evening was as comforting and graceful as this old memory, and stayed asbolutely true to this holiday's spirit. Thanksgiving is an opporunity to be thankful, so here it goes: I am thankful to the people who invited me to spend Thanksgiving with them. I am thankful for learning from their sense of warmth and generosity. I am thankful for discovering that a meal could be so delicious even without using ANY cheese ! I know, it's hard to believe for us French people. Wishing a happy Thanksgiving to everyone !


My personal framework to being productive

Being a startup founder for several times, and having worked closely with other startup fouders, I made this personal framework to check on my own daily productivity. I wanted to write about this after meeting so many entrepreneurs and freelancers at the WeWork Co-working Space in Vancouver. I loved how we would check up on each other, and exchange tips. I hope that my framework helps everyone. 1. Plan your work ahead for the next day There has been many mornings when I sat there planning my work for the same day, and these days always ended up being horrible work days. Knowing in advance what to work on is incredibly powerful. I wake up and just execute my tasks, without worrying about what to prioritize, scope, or wonder what's next. Mornings are particularly productive, so I like to jump on them and be in "execute mode". Some self-help journals are based around that same idea, of planning your goals and tasks in advance. 2. Divide tasks into micro-tasks: I try to stick to the smallest scope of action as possible, because it's easy to measure my progess, evalute when I'll be done, and move on to the next task. I aim at 30 minutes per task. If it's more than 45 minutes of work, then I divide it in smaller pieces. I also force myself to stop if I go over that time, because it means there is a problem somewhere, and I need to identify it, and breathe for a second. This helps stay focused and motivated as you see yourself doing progress. My biggest lesson is this: when you execute, you lose all global vision - that's okay. But being a Manager to your team and managing yourself means knowing if you're spending too much time, and identifying what is blocking the process, and finally evaluating how important it is to your plan. 3. Know to NOT work when your mind is not focused The whole point of working for yourself is the freedom it brings. Sitting at your desk when you know you are not efficient is like looking at yourself in the mirror and saying a lie out loud. At the end of the day, you face your own work and your own results. When you are in Food Coma, or when your mind can't think clearly for whatever reason, PLEASE go do something else: take a break, a nap, doing something fun. NO GUILT ! You'll end up being way happyer, and coming back to work way more motivated and focused. It's okay if there are slow days. 4. Do a small 5-10 min meditation Your mind makes hundreds of decisions every day, taking into accounts thousands of variables... What if I told you that meditation acts like a reset button: it kinda clears the clutter and brings tons of clarity. Close your eyes, and do a quick meditation (there is so much content out there to help you do it)

personal growth

"A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have."

I usually avoid “motivational quotes” because I generally believe that they’re made up of “fluff” and don’t contain any real substance; however, in this case, I firmly agree with the thesis: If you’re willing to have meaningful conversations that other people tend to avoid, I genuinely believe that you’ll be much better off down the line. Not only does this often prove to be true in business, but I think it also translates well in our personal lives when it comes to relationships.

creative writing

Maya and Max part 2

Max worried she corrupted Maya. She knew she shouldn’t, she wasn’t supposed to care about her influence on people. But Maya wasn’t a person, she was an angel. Though she would probably be praised for causing an angel to fall, she didn’t want that for Maya. She was too beautiful and pure for the horrors of Earth. Max didn’t just worry for Maya’s wings, she worried for Maya’s grace. It was full of light and happiness, and among the pessimism of the world it would drown. She never understood how humans could love someone so much yet leave them, but she understood now.


Don't stop!

Don't stop dreaming Don't stop screaming Don't stop believeing Don't stop fighting Don't stop being you At the end you will see, The clear view, Then you will realize That you break through. Just be cool, that's the rule.

creative writing

Dama de noche

En la noche cerrada de aquel verano inmemorial, supiste cómo conquistar mi olfato con la fragancia intensa de tu condición natural, que no permitió resistirme a buscarte y encontrarte a pocos metros de mí: "allí estabas mi hermosa dama de noche, con tus pétalos bien abiertos ofreciéndole un abrazo de primevera a estos ojos mustios de mirada rutinaria."

creative writing


Have you ever tried Writing poetries? Start it with the first beat of your heart, that drops when you see your special one

creative writing

Maya and Max part 1

Maya never used to stray far from her territory. For as long as she can remember she watches over the same group of countries. She didn’t even know their names, she never had a need to, but that was before she met Max. Her name was actually Maxine, but she insisted on being called Max. Max was everything she was supposed to hate, she was a demon, she was cocky, she was sexual, she was violent. But Maya couldn’t help but look on in awe. - Max, being more forward, approached her first. Maya of course saw her true form, but it wasn’t hideous or terrifying like she had been warned demon forms were. Instead Max was beautiful, and Maya was entranced. She had never though much of humans and their lust and love, but she understood now.

creative writing

Boy and his cats

Boy has dark brown hair and is always wearing sweaters and long pants. He loves his cats, boyfriend Tommy, and skateboarding. He pretends to be super edgy and badass but he’s actually a huge softy. . He goes skateboarding every weekend night sometimes with Tommy, sometimes by himself. Tommy would rather go with Boy because when ever he goes skating by himself he always manages to find another cat to bring home.


Quick lunch meditations

I'm trying to take on this new habit of doing quick 10 min meditations every day at lunch break. I want to do this regularly to be able to clarify my thoughts, and take better decisions by clearing all the noise that could have accumulated during the busy morning. I've done these quick meditations a few times before, and I could feel a huge difference in my afternoons as they became more relaxed and focused. I was also a lot more calm and receptive towards other people, as my thoughts were not always on top of my mind when talking to them. I realized that minds have a certain amount of bandwidth they can process, and can be quickly over-saturated with the hundreds of informations and decisions we take every day.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to launch his startup ?

DO IT ! The experience is incredible. Find the shortest parth between your idea and delivering a simple version of your product. It should just take a month or less to deliver a first version. If it takes you longer than that, it means there are too many features or complications and you need to simplify it for the first release! Then see how people react. At first, lots of people won't engage immediately, but they will after a while. T ry to find early adopters and get as much feedback as you can from them. Then iterate from there. Make sure you are moving fast though. Many mentors agree that Time is the most precious thing for a founder. You are likely burning your money savings in the beginning. Know the financial value of time - because your day of work could be paid as an employee instead... So make sure the way you are spending your time is optimal and of value to you and your company. Good luck and hang in there, it's a beautiful tough ride !


Why I prefer to hike solo

Most of the epic hikes I've done in my life, I've done them alone. People are surprised when I mention this, because hiking solo is not something that people do often. On the trails as well, almost all the hikers I come across are surprised to see me all alone. Last week I did one of the most incredible hikes to date, in Watersprite Lake, Squamish - Canada, and I knew I had to share the unknown yet incredibly soothing aspects of hiking solo. When you walk alone for hours and hours, your mind goes nuts. It grabs every bit of thought it can, and circles around constantly. It picks up the recent events of your life, digs out the old memories, and pretty much every scar that did not heal properly. Lately, I had so much going on on my plate: work was incredibly stressful, my love relationship had been dragging me down and I I had the sense of losing grip and control over my life as a 30 year old young adult... One hour into the wild, and my mind started to take each thought that passed through. I started to evaluate how they made me feel, how they affected me, and then I try to let them go. I find it to be an incredible powerful meditation. It heals what has been buried and therefore not processed properly. It brings clarity to evaluate yourself and learn to grow. These things are almost impossible to do in the constant noise of every day life. I came back home the same day, feeling at peace and intensely relieved. I had ideas and solutions for my challenges at work, and a emotional clarity in my love life. Sure it's a bit scary to walk for 8h by myself in the mountains. You're never sure how long there is left to finish the trail. What if something bad happens? But you learn to rely on your senses, to analyze things and take the smart decisions to keep going or to stop, as you rely completely on yourself. If you've never done it before, solo hiking will feel very uncomfortable the first time. It can feel awkward and as if you were being judged. But Nature does not judge and welcomes you at all time. I hope you get to experience this immense breath of fresh hair for the mind and soul. Happy trails everyone !

creative writing

In the aftermath

She always tried to tell him it was his soul she fell in love with, yet it was his presence she craved. Empty moments filled with nothing was what she became accustomed too. She tried to love him like she thought he wanted yet in the end she saw she should of loved him the way he needed. He never believed she really loved his soul as he told her he didn’t have one and instead he prayed on her generous nature and kind ways, he manipulated time and space daily to push her to her limits. He was the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Yet she saw in his pearly white smile the truth of how hard he could really bite, but she new that part of loving him was loving his demons too. But in the end she let his demons feed on her. She took on the role of the victim, she forgot who she was. She was the fire in her emotions, stronger than any woman for she felt the pain every inch of it and still got up everyday with love in her heart and a smile on her face. She fell into the role she played but never really felt like herself. Outsiders looked on like she was weak for staying oh so many times, people would tell her to learn to love herself. Yet she did. The small piece of the puzzle that no one ever saw was she loved herself in the true meaning of the word. She honoured a karmic bond made before this body and she knew in balance they would teach each other lessons about who and what they really are. Cause thats the beauty of love, it never really dies. It’s just harder for a blackened soul to feel. So they parted, perhaps this time for good. She saw him, into him, through him and all of him yet the wolf never removed the sheep’s clothing until the aftermath came upon her. She felt let down, betrayed, unimpressed and hurt. Not because of the stupid childish smear campaign or because he cheated on her yet again. No she felt this way cause they’d had an unspoken packed to love each other’s broken bits. He betrayed that. She’d never expected his loyalty, but she had hoped he could really see her. Unfortunately his demons again were far to strong and savage, they betrayed him. He couldn’t see the strength in her eyes, through her tears and cries of pain. He thought she was weak, needy and pathetic. As he could only ever see himself reflected in her shallow waters. It’s in the depths that she finds her strength to resurface a new. He won the fight, never knowing she had already concord the war. She felt every inch of what he did and loved him anyway. The only fool was he, him with his shallow thoughts and shallow needs and wants. He stopped listening to his soul that craved to never die alone. He could no longer hear it’s whisper. But she could she could hear him calling, calling out another woman’s name in the hope that she might see him and choose him anyway. But she was broken herself and playing jump rope with him, she new he couldn’t love, she new who he was, her demons reflected his and together they found something in common. But did they really love each other or did they only love the reflection of themselves in one another’s cold dark eyes. She played her cards right she new exactly how to behave after studying his main supply for so long, she new just how to capture his gaze. And so she did. And so they were. And so they will continue to be for a period of time. She was left behind discarded, like a cold dead lifeless nothing. As he believed he’d reduced her too this nothing, yet his young dark soul had much to learn about this life, love and limits. And just as she saw in the aftermath that perhaps he was ready for truth, she new she’d never let one word whisper between the two of them again. He’d given her up, he thought he’d sucked her dry, taken everything he could and stripped her bare and naked. So why did she still stand so tall? So proud, defending the love she’d once felt, knowing herself and not being ashamed of losing so much in act1. She’d known his heart,in other lives, in other times. She’d loved him in many different facets, with different faces and different relationships in different lives. So it didn’t matter that he couldn’t feel it this life and that he instead tried to break her, coz she new the ache he felt this life too. For she felt it also. And while not the same she too ached in the absence of love could never give her. He would never understand in this life or this body, how she loved him so purely so organically. The abuse made a mockery of the sadly, only shallow feelings they could share, this time round. She longed to dive the deep oceans of his soul, yet his demons would slay anyone who entered even his murky shallowest of waters. This life was harder on her with lessons, painful lessons constantly bombarding her family. She didn’t have the freedom to switch off and simply not care for this or that like him. She felt every inch of abuse growing up, she saw people she loved die while others were lost and gone yet still walking around in loved ones bodies. She’d never let anyone in enough to trust them enough to really see her. How strong she really was, how much hurt, sorrow and raw ache she felt daily in fact, he was the first person to mirror such true pain. She thought he had an insight to this. That it was simply known or felt. She was naive in love while he thought himself quiet the puppet master. But it was her strength when summoned correctly that would have been their salvation. Yet once again his savage demons fed on any belief of true love......and he walked away. This time for good.

life goals

My first life in Paris

I am aiming at practicing my writing and story-telling abilities I want to get adapted as fast as possible in Paris To reach my goals, I've decided to blog about the process of my integration in /adaptation to Paris and the French culture. I have started to take small notes about places I have been, and things I have been doing in Paris so I turn them into little stories later. Storytelling is an important tool. Most of us have to tell stories to a kid one day, introduce or present ourselves, talk about our business, etc. For me, it would help me immensely with my social life, work, and self-reflection. Through creating a blog I would also create a place where my experiences wont get lost nor forgotten. This would be a way for me to look back at my achievements, and it might also become handy for the next nomad like myself who finds themselves in France... If you are also prune to moving cross countries, my advice to you is to enjoy the moment and learn as much as you can out of it!


The one where F.R.I.E.N.D.S drove off a night before exams.

My favorite trip to this date was in the month of Feb 2019. A spontaneous plan with my F.R.I.E.N.D.S to Ajmer and Pushkar, India. This was a trip I particularly loved because it was extremely spontaneous; the six of us took our car, sneaked out of our hostel one night before our exams and drove off to two spectacular towns! If you go there, I recommend La Pizzeria Cafe at Pushkar! A definite sip to their Virgin Mojito. That's my hangover drink after all the nights I have spent at Pushkar. Not to forget the Ana Sagar Lake at Ajmer; cool breeze brushing softly against your cheeks with waters giving the perfect chills.


Getting healthier in winter

I am aiming at getting a healthier lifestyle. I've lost weight because I haven't been exercising at all and my body has not built any muscle lately. On the contrary, lots of muscle mass has disappeared. I eat healthier but it's not enough for the body to consolidate and be in good shape. To reach my goals, I've bought protein powder and will go to the gym twice a week (I haaaaaate the gym so much, I get bored after 2min). Friends have suggested that I listen to podcasts while at the gym, to make the mind busy and think about something else. I can't wait to try! If I reach my objectives, I know it’ll improve my global health and immune system. In the summer I used to play a lot of volleyball and basketball. It's harder during winter to stay in shape, so it sets up quite a challenge. I miss the feeling of my body actually recovering from the effort and sending me signals that its working properly.


This made me smile

Yesterday morning I was working from a coffeeshop in downtown Vancouver. I was looking at the people rushing to work, in their nice work clothes. Someone in the coffeeshop had to leave their big cute fluffy dog outside while he was ordering his coffee. And that's when it happened: at least 4 people, althought they were rushing to work, would actually make a small detour and take a few seconds to pet the dog! The dog was obviously loving it, and the work people were actually smiling and feeling better! Maybe they needed that extra feel-good boost right before entering their office towers... I've only witnessed this level of emotional maturity in North America. I think it's super healthy for these people to know this about themselves, and to admit openly that they they do feel better when petting a doggo. In Europe very few people pay attention to dogs and have this dog-lover spontaneous bursts of affection. I think we definitely are less in touch with our emotions, even when it means to instantly feel good about something. The concept of support animal has never been more accurate ! And maybe all offices should be dog-friendly. Especially after seeing the immediate impact they had on these workers.


What can't be missed to see in California?

The coastal stretch Big Sur between Carmel-by-the-Sea and San Simeon is a MUST for all West Coast travellers. It's along the Highway No. 1. I recommend that you drive it from North to South as it's easier to stop along the way to take pictures. Also, the Point Lobos State Reserve Park is beautiful to stroll around. You can find hidden gems and gorgeous coves, like China Cove. Look it up but be warned, you want to go there immediately. And if you bring some time and are lucky you can see otters, sea lions and even whales. When you keep driving to the South you might feel like you're driving the Great Ocean Road in Australia (at least that's how I felt). You can find cliffs, waterfalls, sandy beaches and turquoise, crystal clear water, nice little bridges like Bixby Creek Bridge (very photogenic!). Once you arrive in San Simeon make sure you step by the elephant seals and watch the sleepy giants for a while.

San Gennaro

Last Day to go to The Feast of San Gennaro!

If you're able to get to Little Italy in Manhattan today, today is the last day of the San Gennaro Festival. Restaurants, wine and beer tents, rides for the kids, and so much more! It'll be worth the adventure! Cheers ?

Las Vegas

What do you do when hotel prices in Las Vegas skyrocket on weekends?

Just drive into Death Valley. And everybody is like: huh? Are you crazy? Sometimes maybe. ? In fact, you can get the rooms in an awesome resort in Vegas during the week quite cheap. Maybe you have go to a resort 1 or 2 blocks away from the strip. But our first stay was too short and my partner and I needed a bit more relaxation from travelling (luxury problem of a backpacker). Since we wanted to go to Death Valley anyway, we simply did it as a weekend trip. And we didn't regret it at all. It was with about 38°C almost "cold" there. When you're looking for your accommodation in Vegas, be aware that most of the resorts are charging a "resort fee" which can easily be three times higher than the actual price for the room.


First time on Silk Road, Uzbekistan

For the first time, I traveled in Uzbekistan. Definitely one of my best trips. Located in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is not yet a well-known country. Steeped in history (many influences) and full of fabulous monuments. Nature is breathtaking, and the sun is your every day date. Three main facts I learned about the way of life : - Education is a priority topic in Uzbekistan - There are many traditions around marriage ; in parallel the divorce is widespread - Young people dream of a more modern and Western model I can only recommend visiting this country if you like : - Trekking in desert areas - Having tea time three times per day - Taking pictures without being surrounded by a group of asian tourists - Eating a lot (you have to taste the "plov" !!) - Drinking shots of vodka with local people - Sweating like an ice cream that melts Have a good trip ;)


Your Mother's House

It's a great restaurant! Not just a fun insult among friends ?? Stop by this spot in Wantagh for great drinks and some tasty food. A great spot for a date, a game, or a group of co-workers ?


Hershey Park, Pennsylvania

I've visited every summer since I was a little girl. I can certainly say there is nothing better than water rides, rollercoasters, and chocolate world all in one amusement park! There's something for everyone, bring the whole fam!


SOIL is the Climate Solution (Kiss the Ground)

Did you know that a leaf is usually 20 degrees cooler than a green piece of paper, and up to 50-60 degrees cooler than bare soil? Did you know that plants SHARE their sugars with the soil to help support the organisms in the soil and keep it alive and aerated? Did you know that you can easily rebuild topsoil? Did you know that cows aren't necessarily bad for the environment, if you implement planned grazing? Did you know that you can run a farm in a way that REGENERATES the soil, AND improves yield and saves costs on fertilizer and other external interventions? Did you know that the ground is an underutilized carbon sink, and there is more carbon sequestered in the soil (i.e. the "pedospere") than in the atmosphere AND the biosphere COMBINED? Now I do, and now you do too! Over the past two weeks, I've been taking a course with the organization "Kiss the Ground" (on a platform called Commune - www.onecommune.com) where I've very quickly been convinced that SOIL is the solution to global climate change. What we thought we knew about how the ground works in the 60s and 70s now seems to be totally incomplete and misguided - and we can see the results in the global loss of topsoil and disappearing sources of clean water. It really gives me hope that we're not too far gone - that there are REGENERATIVE practices that can help us not just sustain our compromised environments, but actually IMPROVE them. And to do it in a way that is economically viable, and doesn't require people to lose out on profits but actually encourages even more functional farms!


Yoga = Union

I never thought I would be a person who did yoga every day. "Obsessive", I thought. "How much time do those people have?" But then I discovered short, manageable at-home yoga videos on Youtube with "Yoga with Adriene". I tried a 30-day yoga journey in January 2018...and I never stopped. Having an objective with yoga is a weird concept. In my normal life, everything is objective focused. But yoga is "experience-focused" - something that I often struggle to engage. It's not about how I feel at the end or what I do after - it's about actually being able to click in and enjoy the experience. But of course...things do change. I feel more confident and comfortable in my body than I ever had before - even though I physically look very similar. I can do cartwheels and headstands. I can stand up from sitting cross-legged on the floor without using my hands. I used to feel a bit like a head with a body that I needed to manage. Previous attempts to move more or exercise regularly were always focused on "enduring" some unpleasant activity to get positive outcomes at the end. But now, I feel much more CONNECTED to my body. I understand that I move and stretch my body daily to work WITH it, not ON it, and I ensure that I do activities that I enjoy during and after. (I've recently added weekly Zumba, in that same strain.)


I'm Dating The Lawyer Who Got Me Out Of Jail

I was celebrating the birthday of a colleague and got drunk. I decided to sober up for a few hours and then decided to drive back home (I know it’s a stupid decision and I should have gotten a cab… lesson learned). Eventually I got arrested by a cop on my way home and he locked up for the night for DUI. The next morning, I called a lawyer to help me get out of jail. She told me I had to pay her $500 so she can come pick me up (which is a good deal if you look up for options).. But still… pretty bad start for a relationship huh? Anyway, I pay, she comes, gets me out of jail and then ask me to come to her office later that day to prepare my defense. When I come to her practice, we got to chat about a lot of topics that were completely unrelated to my case. The conversation went so well that she forgot she was supposed to meet with another client after and that we still hadn’t talked about my case. I came the next morning: same thing. We keep talking about anything… besides my case. After an hour, we finally got to talk about my case. At the end, I asked if she wanted to get a drink after her work. She said : « yes… but I have to refer you to another lawyer if you don’t mind! It’s not like we are getting much done anyway right? ». She confessed to me later that this was her way to ask me out. Anyway, the funny story is that we are still dating… it’s been 5 years!


Why You Should Always Prioritize Your Comfort Over Your Partner

Long story short, I’ve been in a long distance relationship for the past 2 years. My partner lives in LA and I was living in Texas. After 6 months, we decided to move in the same city. I was working at a job I loved. My partner loves his job too but he’s a freelancer and never works at their office. I thought it was easier for him to move to Texas since he’s always willing to discover new states and that Texas was on his list (and, again, he’s a freelancer, so he can work from wherever he wants). But he didn’t want to move. So I quit my job, moved to LA and looked for an apartment. My partner didn’t help me that all in that process. After I found an apartment, a job and started to get my shit together, he told me he wanted to break up. I told him that it was unfair and that it would be good if we tried to work this through since I’ve done a lot of sacrifices for this relationship. He didn’t work out. I still live in LA though because this place is awesome but I miss Texas so much. I’ll give myself a few years before I can move back to my lovely Texas. If I had the power to rewind, I think I’d have asked him to move in with me at first since his situation is comfier than mine. If he said no, I’d have broken up with him. If I have one piece of advice to give someone who’s living the same situation: never overlook your own comfort. Always consider your personal situation over your relationship because ultimately, you’re the first to feel the consequences of your decision. Nothing matter more than you.

Self Exploration

Why I Felt Bad for Not Tipping a Rude Waitress

I organized a dinner with a small group of friends at a mexican restaurant to celebrate my 30th birthday. The waitress - probably a college student working as a temp - who took care of us was incredibly nice with me but was insulting with one of my friends (for no reason). That said, she did a great job at serving our food, cocktails and everything… while being incredibly rude to my friend. My friends paid for the meal but I asked them not to give her any tips… The problem is that I shouldn’t ask my friends about what tips they are going to give to someone, especially since they are offering me dinner. Also, giving tips is something very personal so anyone should be able to do whatever he / she wants. If that was to happen again, I would simply talk to the waitress telling her that she was rude to my friend and that was not acceptable. This situation made me realize that you should always tip someone. Even if you’re pissed at your waiter / waitress, they had a long day of work, they deserve at least 10%. Leaving nothing is basically insulting someone and not paying them for their work.

Self Exploration

Celebrate Your Wins in Public, Complain in Private

Long story short, I’m working on a big project at work that requires my full attention. My manager gave me a very short deadline and I feel like that any minute I’m not at my desk, I’m just wasting my time. When I focus on something, I just put my noise-cancelling headset, eat at my desk and don’t talk to anyone. One of my colleagues told me once that I was killing the mood at work because of my attitude. By not engaging with my teammates, taking lunch or coffee breaks or laughing at their jokes… I answered him that his jokes wouldn’t pay my rent and he should do the same. I said it pretty loud in the office space and people started to give me stern look. If that was to happen again, I would make sure to start a private conversation with my colleague explaining that I’m stressed out about this project and that’s why I need my full attention. Also, I’d probably talk to my manager about how insane this deadline is. This situation made me realize that you should be mindful of how you deliver your message in public. If you complain about something, try to keep it in small groups, not in a public space. That tends to affect the esprit de corps of a company.


Writing is a Marathon That Never Ends

I’ve been working for the past 2 years on a medieval fantasy book and I’m getting close to finish it which is so exciting! I’ve always been a big fan of medieval stories. I’ve read hundreds of books about it: fiction, non-fiction, biographies, memoirs and art books. 2 years ago, I started to play that video game called Kingdom Come Deliverance. This game got me addicted. I’ve played literally days on this. I was so infatuated by the plot that I told myself: « I can write something like that! Let’s get to work now! » I’ve been trying to get published several times in the past with some writing projects that were mediocre if I have to be honest. The most scary part about this book I’m writing is not finding readership I’d say. When I struggle to finish a chapter, I tell myself: « Is it something worth my time? ». Eventually, I realized that I could get self-published if I really wanted this story to be out. To every writer who is about to begin a big project, make sure you write at least 3-5 hours a day. Sometimes you’ll find yourself struggling to write 10 words and the temptation is big to give up. But you shouldn’t. The hours you put in are more important than the word count, trust me on this.


You Don't Need to Invent a Story... You Are THE Story!

If there is a magic in story writing, I am convinced that it comes to who writes the story than rather what is it about. The point being that the story doesn’t count that much, it’s more bout the urge to tell your story. This is the biggest advice I’d give to anyone who wants to become a writer: you cannily tell a good story if you care enough about it to it justice. No matter what type of stories you’re writing: an epic novel, a blog post about your last trip to Costa Rica or simply finding the words to entertain a friend over coffee. If you don’t feel the story, there is no way you can tell it well. If you « feel » your story, you can be sure that it’ll be worth someone’s time. Because any story is worth telling. As long as you WANT to talk about it. You don’t need to invent the story, you are the story. Just look a little deeper.

Feel good

The gift of life

In May 2018, I decided to get tested to donate my kidney. I knew someone in need of a new kidney and had never considered living organ donation until this time of my life. After doing some thorough research and realizing that I can live a perfectly normal life with just one kidney, I didn't think twice. Something inside of me told me it was meant to be. I was not related to this person and her hopes of me being a match were really slim. I would say she didn't believe it would work out. Well, as I went through the tests, I met every single criterion and checked every box. We were both a bit in shock. I was even told my kidneys were on the larger side for a woman my size, which confirmed I was made for this as I had super kidneys! ;) The process of getting tested was a bit lengthy and required me to travel to CT since that's where the recipient was located. They had to see me in-person to perform final tests. They also required that I meet with a Social Worker to make sure I was doing this for the right reasons. Once I cleared those tests, we scheduled the surgery for 2 weeks later, on December 18th, 2018. It felt surreal that we finally had a date on the books! The surgery prep was a bit brutal for me, I had to be on a liquid diet for 2 days before the surgery, so by day 3, I felt like crap! I couldn't wait to be put under to not feel so crappy anymore. I had to be admitted 1 hour earlier than the recipient. This was my very first surgery, so I was nervous of course. I was not familiar with hospitals or being hooked up to machines, so my heart rate was increasing as I knew the surgery time was approaching. The entire staff was incredibly kind and supportive. They realized that to donate an organ you have to be healthy and are not used to hospitals! The first team that came to me was the team that did a nerve block on my abdomen, that was very intimidating and couldn't have gone better. They, of course, gave me a little something to make me feel "good". After that, they rolled me to the operating room where I was put under very quickly after. They then brought in the recipient and performed the organ transfer. The kidney started working immediately! We were both in recovery at the same time, where I felt quite out of it and also high on life. I couldn't believe what had just happened. A team of brilliant medical professionals had carefully extracted one of my vital organs and transferred it into someone else who is getting another chance at life. Almost a year later, I am 7 months pregnant with a very healthy baby boy who has two working kidneys. I think this baby is a gift for having given the gift life last December <3 I currently have 3 working kidneys in my body! ;)


The day we ran out of food on a 7-day hike

Oh my! I’ve just hiked Torres del Paine (« the O » as they say) with my partner and it was epic! It’s been on my bucket list for a long time and I finally got a chance to do it last month. My sister got married and she lives in Chile with her husband so we took the opportunity to extend our stay there and explore Torres del Paine. Originally, I thought this hike was out of my reach. I’m not particularly fit, I hate the gym, and hiking is definitely not my forte. The longest hike I’ve been on was 2-day hike in South of France. When my partner and I decided to go on that trail, I thought I’d die but he gave me a good pep talk that convinced me. When I finished the « O » I was so relieved. If the hike lasted an extra day, I would have given up. It was soooo excruciating. Especially when you know that we actually ran out of food at the last campsite. Anyway, if I had to be honest, I’d say to myself that I will never do it again! But eventually, a few days later, I acknowledged that it was the most epic hike on earth (it’s not like I’ve done much but I feel entitled to say that!) To any hikers who want to hop on this trail: pack more food than you think you’d need. Because there is nothing worse than lacking of food at the very end of the trail. It adds too much stress.


The hard way isn't always the best way.

Choosing to do things the easy way instead of the hard way. It's mainly an experiment to see if being easier on myself and putting less pressure on myself to do things "perfectly" makes me happier in general. It's weird. I've noticed so many differences and am noticing new ones all the time. For instance, applying this idea to my work (deciding to be okay with producing a "pretty good" product instead of a perfect one) has done 3 things: 1. I get the work done much faster. 2. Because I get it done faster, I enjoy it more. 3. Because I enjoy it more, the quality of my work actually INCREASES instead of decreases... super counterintuitive. I have some rigid principles that I follow just for the sake of following principles. Like "I can't allow myself to forget to respond to someone's text message," or "I can't smoke weed in the morning." I do a lot of things because I feel like I should, and not because I genuinely want to in the moment. I think those principles served me in the past, but they don't serve me anymore in the extreme way that I apply them, so it's time to start questioning them and seeing what the result is. The hard part is becoming aware of every little instance where I'm choosing "should" over "want" — so it's not a matter of making one big decision to let go of perfection... it's lots of small decisions that will compound to create a big change in my life overall.


The One-Stop Shop to hire a handyman (and handywoman)

I’m really excited about this new startup I’ve been working on for the past 6 months : say hi to QuickFixer. A marketplace where you can hire handymen to help you with mundane tasks such as fixing your downspout, painting your front gate, fixing that leaky sink or changing your air-conditioner filters. Like a lot of people, I’ve got a collection of tasks around my house that require my full attention. But for multiple reasons, I just procrastinate and end up not doing anything. On top of that: I just suck at these tasks. I’ll end up spending hours on Youtube trying to learn how to deal with these tasks that could have been taken on by people who know what they are doing. One day, the leaking sink I was supposed to work on for months, literally exploded and I had to call a plumber to fix this. That cost me $1,250! The worst thing is that I could have avoided that situation, simply by fixing the problem wen it was small. That’s when I told myself: « never again ». Makers from everywhere: always put yourself in the shoes of your users. If you have never experienced the problems of your main users, well, try to experience it. Or mimic the most common situations your main users are facing. That’s so important to develop a product that’s viable.