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raphaeltissot Entrepreneur and co-founder of FAQtr. From Paris, lives in Vancouver. Sharing my (humble) thoughts about being human. Love all types of creativity
HoudaK Grateful inhabitant of a beautiful planet called Earth ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ—บ ~ It's a Big World after all! ~

The power of Now

The power of Now is incredibly strong and incredibly simple: stop postponing what you can do right now. If it can be done in the next 5 to 10min, you should do it now and be done with it, forever. I know there is book out there with a similar title, but I haven't read it and don't know if it talks about this idea as well. But either way, I'm going to keep refering to it as the power of Now. I've learned about the Power of Now while working with 2 startup CEO's over the last 5 years. Both of them had an incredible amount of work, hundreds of emails to deal with, dozens of calls to do every day. Yet, whenever me or another employee would interrupt them, and ask them about a problem or a question, they would stop what they were doing and take the time to solve it. Even if it was an accounting or tax issue! If you feel like it will take more than 15-20 min, then maybe address the problem differently and try to break it into smaller tasks. I don't know if they did this on purpose, but I find this management method and state of mind incredibly powerful: - it empowers the other person buy saying "your problem is important enough for me to address it now" - it creates and reinforces the right mindset for both the CEO/manager and the employee: get sh*t done! That is, after all, the golden rule of startups. I try to apply the Power of Now in my every day life, with errands, admin tasks, cleaning and I noticed it keeps me in a proactive state instead. It makes me want to jump onto the next task and solve it ! (coffee helps too!) On the contrary, one of my roommates told me yesterday how her new company (300+ people) was taking forever to take even the smallest decisions, making sure everyone was rightfully invovled and aware of the same level of facts before conferring, planing a meeting and taking the decision. It seems to me that this approach lacks accountability and leadership and is not necesseraly good. I encourage you to apply the Power of Now in your everyday life and to stop postponing. I found that it made me feel more confident as an entrepreneur, as a human, and it even spread a motivational energy with the people around me.

4 Odd Jobs In The Travel Industry - Part II

COCONUT SAFETY ENGINEER A full-grown coconut weighs at least two kilos (4.4 lbs). Given the fact that palm trees can reach up to 30 meters (98.42 feet), these fruits can fall at high speeds. If one manages to hit your head or any part of your body, it can cause significant injuries. An unpopular yet surprising career in the travel industry is coconut safety engineers. They have to make sure these ripe fruits donโ€™t fall on the heads of guests. Their job is to pluck ripe coconuts from palm trees. MONKEY MEN In Amanbagh, a resort located in Ajabgarh, Rajasthan, India, it is common practice to provide savouries to the guests. However, the problem is that monkeys tend to steal these goodies. The resort decided the best way to handle this situation is to use monkey men. These individuals roam around the property to ensure the primates donโ€™t cause any problems. They use a variety of tactics to scare away the monkeys so that the guests can have an excellent experience. The travel industry sure does have many unusual and less-known jobs. It often makes you wonder whether you can create your own special profession and turn it into a career!

4 Odd Jobs In The Travel Industry - Part I

Traveling is a multi-trillion dollar industry, as billions of people go on trips every year. Although there are several types of conventional travel occupations, some people chose to try some not-so-conventional paths: BED WARMER After spending time on a long flight, you want to reach your hotel as fast as possible. The only problem is that due to the bed being cold, it becomes harder for you to relax. Well, this is no longer going to be an issue, thanks to bed warmers. They are professionals employed by hotels, to get the mattress ready for guests. These employees have to wear special suits and lie on beds for 5 to 10 minutes. MANNERS POLICE When people go on a trip, freedom tends to get to their heads. Sometimes, tourists tend to exhibit inappropriate behavior, such as removing their shirts and sitting in public. In Venice, this is a common problem, which is why the city decided to use manners police. They are volunteers, who go around and warn tourists about their inappropriate behavior. These individuals also have the power to ask traffic cops to stop offenders and fine them.