A personal microBlog for all your short stories

Like FAQtr, blog easily about your life experiences.

I already have a blog, why do I need a microblog?

A microBlog doesn’t have to replace a blog, it actually works very well alongside your blog. Your microblog is perfect to publish your short stories, short content or quick recommendations that don't always have a place on your professional blog. A professional blog is focused, long, and generally covers only one subject. Your microblog is more flexible, can cover any topic you want, and allows you to publish more often and faster. We have worked closely with bloggers before launching FAQtr and we learned that it was hard for them to take the time to write and generate long full format articles. Sometimes, they wanted to share an idea, a realization, an experience and they knew that unfortunately these contents did not belong on their blog. A microblog is perfect for that, it gives you more freedom to publish content and makes it a lot faster to write and share you content than on other platforms. Each microPost on FAQtr can be linked to your blog. That allows thousands of readers to visit your blog. It turns out that a microBlog is a great tool to promote your blog.